Must Reads For The Week 10/8/16

Minnesota Commissioner Slams Obamacare As “Unfair & Unsustainable” As Rates Soar, at Individuals who administrate the apparatus of the state, and individuals who receive government largess, have no understanding that government regulations are crushing the middle class. They are inoculated from the reality of these regulations because they never have to deal with these regulations.

Let’s Make Oil Our Friend, Not Our Enemy. It Is Earth’s Precious Gift, at misesca. Oil is not evil. Oil is one of our most important resources. It has helped produce our modern world. Leftists freak out about “oil” like they freak out about the word “gun”. Oil is good.

Let Airbnb Providers Discriminate As They Please, at In a free market individuals loose market share if they discriminate. Government shouldn’t intervene to change there behavior. In a market they will either change their behavior, or eventually go out of business.

Uber Vs. Taxi Cab Racism, by Alex Tobarrok, at HT carpediemblog. Government created monopolies, like the taxi cartel, can discriminate without impunity. But, as soon as they have competition, they change their attitude.

White House Wants To Add New Racial Category For Middle Eastern People, at Just what we need, another category in which to place individuals. Government does this so they can pit groups against each other, and then ride in as the peace maker.

Where The September Jobs Were: Secretaries, Waiters, Retail And Social Workers, at 150 thousand jobs have to be created each month to replace the 150 thousand jobs that are lost because of the natural market process of creative destruction. Since there were only 156 thousand jobs created in September, there was only a net gain of 6 thousand jobs.That’s a rounding error, not a recovery.

Part Time Jobs Soar, As Multiple Job Holders Surge To August 2008 Numbers, at A large number of the 156 thousand jobs created were part-time jobs. For my leftist friends who played politics and called high paying full-time jobs created during the Regan administration “hamburger flipper jobs”, I have news for you. These part-time jobs created during this Presidents recovery are literally “hamburger flipper’ jobs. Full time jobs actually declined. If the same person holds two of these part-time jobs, each job counts as a job created. I have a question: If fewer people are working fewer hours at jobs that are less productive, ergo producing less wealth, is this a robust recovery or is this recovery a bust?

Spain Is Without A National Government – And Spaniards Are Digging It, by Joseph T. Salerno, at Gridlock has stopped the Spanish government in its tracks as no new legislation is being passed. Believe it or not, everything is proceeding smoothly. Markets work, government muck up the works. Excerpt from the article: “The lesson has been pithily summed up by Felix Pastor, a language teacher, who states: “No government, no thieves.” Mr. Pastor believes that, without politicians around to inflict more harm, Spain could last without a government “Until hell freezes over.”

Too Big To Fail. The EU Proposes Tax Payer Funded Derivatives System Bailout, at Deutsche Banks $40 TRILLION derivatives problem is too big to be made whole by bailing in their depositors money. They will need tax payer money to back up (bail out) the bad investments Deutsche made. Deutsche will never suffer the consequences of their bad decisions, creating even more moral hazard than existed before.

The Heroic Central Banker Who Has Rejected Keynesianism, at Russian central banker, Elvira Nabiullina swims against the Keynesian current that all other central bankers float with. She thinks economic growth comes from actual savings (investment) and increasing productivity. Not from printed money and artificially low interest rates. Can we trade Janet Yellen and three central bankers to be named later for Elvira Nabiullina?


FBI Agreed To Destroy Laptops Of Clinton Aids With Immunity Deal, at The breakdown of the rule of law. Who trusts the FBI after their actions in the investigation, (or lack of investigation) into Hillary’s Email crime. The FBI will never take down the status quo, because they want more power.

State Department Looses Smoking-Gun Clinton Greek Bond Insider-Trading Email, at The breakdown of the rule of law. Does anyone believe these Emails are lost? The State Dept. is covering up for the status quo.

Hillary Campaign Admits Hillary Used Same Tax Avoidance “Scheme” As Trump, at An example of corruption and bias in the media. I want both sides to be treated the same. I want both candidates to be treated like the main stream media treats Trump. I want Trump and Hillary to be treated as if everything they say is a lie.

Obama Justice Dep. Drops Case Against Arms Trader, After He Threatened To Expose Obama and Hillary’s Role In Arming Libyan Rebels, at The breakdown of the rule of law. The Justice Department, like the FBI will never take down the status quo, because they are a part of the status quo.



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