Must Reads For The Week 10/29/16

Unprecedented Surge In Election Fraud From Around The Country, at There has always been election fraud. Why would anyone think it wouldn’t increase as the size and scope of government has increased.

Public Faith In Elections Falls As The State Grows, by Ryan McMaken, at The fact that a growing number of people don’t trust individuals in positions with government power is a good thing for individual liberty. Our founders didn’t trust individuals in positions of government power. That is why they attempted to limit the power of government with the Constitution.

Faced With Angry Voters, The Elites Sour On Democracy, by Ryan McMaken, at The voters are wise when they agree with the elites. But when they don’t vote the way the elites want, the voters either had a temper tantrum or are ignorant of the nuances that only the elites can understand.

New York Declares War On Home Sharing (Airbnb), by Brittany Hunter, at Just as the taxi cartel doesn’t like Uber, the hotel cartel doesn’t like Airbnb. The status quo will do anything to maintain their government sanctioned monopoly position.

Anti-Racist Berkeley Protesters Demand ‘Spaces Of Color’, Harass White Students Trying To Pass, at They want to bring back segregation? I thought they were for diversity? Why do people cave in to this kind of stupidity? If you give in just one time to these cultural terrorists, they will be emboldened and their demands will never end.

Catholic University BANS “Unborn Lives Matter” Posters, by Amanda Prestigiacomo, at DePaul University president Father Dennis Holtschneider declared, “he would prohibit them in order to shield his students from “bigotry: under the “cove of free speech.”  Does the Padre understand that planned parenthood abortion mills target minority neighborhoods? Planned Parenthood founder Margaret Sanger was a racist who wanted blacks to be “exterminated”. Read here, Planned Parenthood Black Genocide. So, Father Dennis Holtschneider, “Unborn Lives Matter” means “Black Lives Matter”.

Cheryl Mills Tells Podesta “We Need To Clean This Up – Obama Has Emails From Her, at This is ultimately why Hillary wasn’t indicted. To protect Obama. He was knowingly communicating with her on her private server. Watergate was about a third-rate burglary. This is much worse. This is about national security. Clinton and Obama think they are above the law.

“Don’t Repeat This To Anyone”, – Hillary Clinton And Donna Brazile Personally Implicated In Latest Project Veritas Video, at This is an example of political dirty tricks brought to you by the Clinton campaign.

CBS Anchor Confused About Why Obamacare Premiums Are Skyrocketing.

These morons don’t understand economics. Read here The Reality Of Obamacare.

Excerpt from the article: “Obamacare incentivizes an increase in demand for a scarce good, and a decrease in the supply of this same good. The scarce good becomes more scarce as supply and demand move in opposite directions. The price has to go up.


No Child Left Alone: Getting The Government Out Of Parenting, at Short video of Abby Schacter, who wrote, No Child Left Alone, talking about Government intervention into parenting. Excerpt from the article: “I don’t know if parents [understand] that under the headline ‘we’re going to keep your children safe’ [or] we’re going to protect the kids’ that that is really code for ‘we’re taking your rights away.”


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