What We’ve Done To Our Young People Could Be Considered Child Abuse

Mother scolds her son crying in the park

The recent reaction by many young people over the election of Trump tells us more about us than it tells us about them. We have not prepared this generation to live in the real world. We’ve done a poor job of teaching young people how to deal with adverse situations. In the real world you don’t always get your way. In the protective bubble world we’ve created for them they are protected from adverse conditions. Not allowing them to face everyday life situations has stunted their growth into adulthood. When you protect young people from reality, you produce unrealistic people.

This quote: “Each generation born is an invasion on society of little barbarians who must be civilized before it is too late,” tells us our most important job.


In this article by Walter E. Williams titled, Trump And College Chaos, Dr Williams says: “Cornell University held a campus wide “cry-in”, with officials handing out tissues and hot chocolate…..The College Fix reported that “a dorm at University of Pennsylvania….hosted a post-election ‘Breathing Space’ for students stressed out by election results that included cuddling with cats and a puppy, coloring and crafting, and snacks such as tea and chocolate.”

The fact that things like this are happening on campuses is all the evidence needed for us to be indited on charges of child abuse.

Dr. Williams continues: “Whether you are a liberal of conservative, Democrat of Republican, you should be disturbed and frightened for the future of our nation based on the response of so many of our young people to an election outcome. We should also be disturbed by college administrators and professors who sanction the coddling of our youth. Here’s my question to you: does a person even belong in college if he cannot handle or tolerate differing opinions? My answer is no.”

Williams continues: “Many of today’s college students are not only academically incompetent but emotionally so, as well, and do not belong in college. These college snowflakes and their professors see themselves as our betters and morally superior to ordinary people. George Orwell was absolutely right  when he said, “There are notions so foolish that only an intellectual will believe them.”


Here is a short video titled: Is Your Child Getting Enough Vitamin N, from Prager University.  This is exactly what we need to be doing for our kids today.



Victor Davis Hanson has an article titled: “The Progressive Disintegration”. It’s a little different look at the same problem. Here is an excerpt from the article:

“Start with the melting snowflake millennials, all those “cocksure women and hensure men,” …… have become used to throwing tantrums whenever they don’t like something or they feel “unsafe.” Most of them are spoiled brats, the pampered detritus of the middle class. But don’t forget the Alinskyite activists who manipulate these juveniles and bus them in on George Soros’ dime. These two-bit Leninists are adept at using “useful idiots” in order to further their aim of destroying America’s political and social order. They’re skilled at manipulating empty slogans like “income inequality,” “fair share,” “social justice,” “diversity,” “inclusion,” and all the other bumper-sticker bromides in order to consolidate and increase their power and influence.”

Millenials, look at yourselves. As Piers Morgan––no conservative he––said recently, “The tragic truth is that America’s millennials are a bunch of phone-addicted, selfie-obsessed, hashtagging, snapchatting, kale-munching, twerking, lazy, whining, ill-informed, politically correct, cossetted narcissists who find absolutely everything mortally offensive and believe there are 165 ways to sexually identify.” It follows that your politics are merely symbolic, expressions of your inflated self-regard, privileged life-style, and arrogant pretensions to sophistication and intelligence. Unsurprisingly, as Morgan points out, according to the National Institutes of Health, 40% of you think you should be promoted every two years despite performance, 77% of you can’t name a senator from your home state, and 80% of you think you’ll be richer than your parents, even as you pile up student debt earning junk “studies” degrees utterly useless for employment in the real world.

Millenials are not all like this. But there are enough of these squeaky wheels to make it seem as if they are a majority. I know many young people who would never act like this. They actually hate the fact that these snowflakes are the face of their generation.
The reason they turned out like this is because we have shirked our duty. Adults have to start doing their job of “civilizing these little barbarians”. Lets hope it isn’t too late.
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