Must Reads For The Week 11/26/16

Healthcare Stocks Are Crashing As The End Of Obamacare Looms, at The Republicans have said they want to repeal and replace Obamacare. The problem is if they replace it with their version of government mandated healthcare it will also be a failure. The only way to lower the cost of healthcare is to allow a free market to exist in healthcare and healthcare insurance. What are the chances of politicians allowing this to happen?

Landlords, Not Government, Should Police Airbnb, by Jared Mayer, at Government is always trying to prop up the status quo. Government bureaucrats and politicians don’t like the free market, no matter how much lip service they pay to it.

Car2Go To Suspend Twin Cities, at The car sharing app is suspending service because of government regulations. Another example of how anti free market government officials are.

Nebraska Strikes A Blow For Liberty; Bans Civil Asset Forfeiture, at More states have to take this action. Civil asset forfeiture is a violation of peoples fourth amendment rights.

Dallas Bankruptcy Threat, at It’s not just the Federal Government that makes poor economic decisions. Dallas hasn’t fully funded their police and fire pensions. The city is close to bankruptcy because it over promised and under delivered on these pension programs.

‘Feminist’ Snow-Plowing System Brings Stockholm To A Standstill, at Instead of using the tried and true methods that have worked for years, progressive politicians are sending snow plows to areas that are most used by women. Of course the unintended consequence is gridlock.

The Remarkably Coordinated Global War On Cash, at Government loves the idea of a cashless society. It’s all about control.

Trump’s Student Loan Plan Treats Symptoms, Not The Disease, by Blaine Conzatti, at Here is an excerpt from the article: “In the face of increased demand for student loans, unless supply keeps pace with demand, prices will inevitably rise. Millions of students have become burdened with previously unimaginable levels of student loan debt needed to finance schooling that has been made artificially expensive by government intervention.” Trumps plan exchanges his government solution for the existing government solution that caused the existing problem. It is similar to healthcare. If you repeal Obamacare and replace it with another government solution, you are treating the symptom and not the problem. A market provides the only opportunity to have the highest quality healthcare at the lowest possible cost. The same is true if there was a student loan market.

Brexit Leader Nigel Farage Reacts To Trumps Victory


Nigel Farage Post Brexit Vote Address:


The battle for freedom and liberty must be fought everyday. You never know how close you are to getting the big government barge stopped and turned around. In the U.S. a turning point was the rise of the tea party and liberty movements in response to Obamacare. It has taken four election cycles to get to where we are today. If we continue to teach people about the superiority of free markets and individual liberty, over socialism and central planning, who knows where we could be in the next four election cycles. Now is the time to push harder because big Government central planners won’t give up their power this easily.


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