Must Reads For The Week 10/21/17

FBI ‘Hand-In-Hand’ With Vegas PD, Begin Damage Control: “There Is No Conspiracy….Nobody Is Attempting To Hide Anything, and Vegas Massacre Timeline Changes Again, at I think the FBI wants the conspiracy theorists to talk about a cover up in the Vegas shooting. Why? So they can paint the conspiracy theorists as crazy conspiracy theorists.

Bipartisan Bump Stock Bill Would Actually Ban All Semi-Automatic Rifles, at The written text of most legislation is a trojan horse. The real intent is hidden inside the muddied text of most bills. The true intent will be revealed when a court twists the meaning of some obscure phrasing in the text. Most bills couldn’t get passed if the text was clear. And always remember this rule: Beware of “bipartisan” legislation.

New California Law Allows Jail Time For Using Wrong Gender Pronoun, Sponsor Denies That Would Happen, at The sponsor of the law, Dem Sen. Scott Wiener, has stated that nobody is going to be criminally prosecuted for using the wrong pronoun. What Wiener is really saying is, “trust me, the law doesn’t say what it actually says”.

Penguins Die Due To Too Much Ice In Antarctica, at Wait a minute. The global warming science promoters told us the polar ice caps were melting.

E.P.A. Announces Repeal Of Major Obama-Era Carbon Emissions Rule, at Environmental groups are going to challenge this move in Federal court. They are going to challenge on both “scientific and economic grounds”. Shouldn’t the environmental groups challenge this on legal grounds. If the EPA implemented these rules under Obama, can’t the EPA just as easily get rid of the rules under Trump?

There Are 2.7 Trillion Reasons Why Tesla Won’t Rule The World, at Tax dollars are being used to subsidize the building and purchase of Elon Musk’s electric cars. This means there is no true market for these cars. It would cost $2.7 trillion to build charging station infrastructure for the fake demand for these electric cars. Folks here is my opinion so you can take it or leave it. Elon Musk is a scam artist.

Cheap Eggs Are Ruining The Cage-Free-Movement, at Economic laws of supply and demand always win. Here is an excerpt from the article: “The egg oversupply built up after the 2015 avian-flu outbreak killed tens of millions of chickens, sent prices soaring and spurred aggressive restocking. At the same time, some producers started expanding hens’ living quarters.” This is a perfect example of how prices work to bring supply and demand into line. The cage free people made a bad entrepreneurial decision when the price of eggs had sky rocketed. Most of the people who demand eggs don’t necessarily care if they are cage free eggs.

Colin Kaepernick Files Grievance Against NFL Owners For Collusion, at Colin Kaepernick and Tim Tebow are the same. Both are not good enough to be starters in the NFL. Both are probably good enough to be backups. But when you are a backup, you can’t be a distraction. Tebow wore his Christianity on his sleeve and owners thought it became a distraction. Owners thought Kaepernick’s political stand became a distraction. But if both were as good as Tom Brady, they would be starting for an NFL team. You have to be better than your “problems”.

Does LeBron James’s Concern About ‘Equality’ extend To The 98.9% Very Unequal ‘Gender Pay Gap’ For The WNBA vs. NBA?, at carpediemblog. LeBron James is one of the greatest players to ever play basketball. It is amazing to watch the things he does on the court. But LeBron is not my go to guy for understanding economic, political and social issues. Mises, Hayek, Rothbard, Sowell, and some others are my go to guys when it comes to understanding how the world works.

Hartford Could Default On Its Debt As Soon As Next Month, Moody’s Says, at Another example of how public sector unions are destroying city and state budgets. But politicians are also to blame for the debt problems. When politicians negotiate contracts with unions they have no incentive to tell unions no. Why? Because it’s not their own money they are bargaining with it is the tax payer’s. Excerpt from the article: “Moody’s called Hartford’s unions “a constraint” to trimming the city’s deficit. “Contractual salary increases and employee benefits are significant contributors to the city’s long-term structural imbalance.” Unions would have to make “significant concessions” for Hartford to narrow those deficits.”



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