Must Reads For The Week 3/3/18


There Are Fewer School Shootings Now Than During The 1990’s, by Ryan McMaken, at Are school shootings increasing? The homicide rate in general and school shootings in particular are lower than what they were in the 80’s and 90’s. Here is an excerpt from the article: “Many observers will still point out that even a small number of school shootings is too many. That’s true enough, but when the multi-decade trend is downward, it would hardly be honest to attempt to frame the current situation as a “crisis.” Indeed the challenge should be to discover what factors have led to the decline in violence, and act accordingly. Given the gun ownership has greatly increased in recent decades, it may be that the answer lies somewhere beyond a simply government prohibition on guns.”

I Used To Think Gun Control Was The Answer. My Research Told Me Otherwise, by Leah Libresco, at When Leah Libresco started to research gun deaths she was not a fan of the NRA because she thought they blocked “common sense” gun control measures. Here research shot holes in the “common sense” gun control measures she favored. In the article she states, ” The best ideas left standing were narrowly tailored interventions to protect subtypes of potential victims, not broad attempts to limit the leathality of guns.”

The Left Thinks Handgun Bullets Are Too Slow To Stop People Wielding Rifles, by Brandon Morse, at It is impossible to have a conversation about guns with people who are ignorant about guns. Many on the anti-gun side don’t understand that the media created category known as an “assault rifle”, is not a fully automatic weapon. An “assault rifle” fires one bullet with one trigger squeeze just like a handgun. In this article we witness more ignorance by people in positions of influence. Politicians and journalists can’t be trusted because politicize everything.

South Carolina Lawmaker Giving Guns Away To Teachers, at State Senator Steven Long is giving away 2 hand guns to willing teachers. Here is what he said, “We must do everything we can to ensure the safety of children in schools, both K-12 and our higher education institutions. Allowing teachers or school staff members to carry is the most efficient and most effective way to do this….for those who are willing and able, we need to allow them this protection.”

We’ve Got To Do Something” Sheriff Greets Teachers At Gun Training, by Jennifer Baker, at Butler County Ohio Sheriff Richard Jones offered free concealed handgun training classes for teachers and staff members after the school shooting in Florida. He didn’t expect the response he got and had to cap the number at 300. In Butler County, school boards have the authority to allow staff and teachers to carry a gun. Whether they give permission or not is a different story. At best, having school staff members with guns could deter a would be shooter from deciding to carry out his act. It could obviously minimize the damage once the shooting starts. At worst if a teacher was disposed to become a school shooter, he or she could get a gun in school easier. As if they couldn’t get a gun inside the school easily right now. If you look at the trade offs I think it is a good idea. But what are the odds that school board members will think outside of their “progressive anti-gun box”.

NRA, Gun Groups See Membership Soar After Florida Massacre, at The left is demonizing gun owners just as they demonized the ‘deplorables’ before the last election. Look what happened.

AR-15 Wielding Neighbor Stops Knife Attack, by Shannon Antinori, at The neighbor had a valid firearm owner’s ID and a concealed carry permit. Regular citizens who go through the process of getting a concealed permit are more restrained from shooting anyone than most police officers. The concealed carry holder knows he will be in deep s#!+ if he just starts shooting. Cops know they will be protected by playing their ‘I feared for my life’ get out of jail free card.

Police Unions Defend Bad Cops Who Do Awful Things. Why Won’t They Defend Broward County Deputy?, at I always thought police stuck together through thick and thin. But I was wrong. Only police who pay union dues are part of the police fraternity.

Incompetence Wasn’t The Problem In Broward County, by Jack Cashill, at Could the Federal Government’s PROMISE program been responsible for the action, or lack of action, by the sheriff department concerning the Florida school shooter?  Solutions mandated by Government central planners always create perverse incentives. This could be the case here. You decide.



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