Must Reads For The Week 4/28/18

Democrats Love Unions. Just Not For Their Own Campaign Workers, at When the consequences of what you support affects someone else it doesn’t bother you. But when the consequences affect you…?

The University Of Utah Has A Special Closet For Students To Cry In, by Rob Shimshock, at At first I didn’t believe this. I thought it was an article from the ‘Onion’. Are we enabling a generation of young people who won’t be able to function in the real world?

18 Spectacularly Wrong Predictions Made Around the Time Of First Earth Day In 1970, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. Earth Day was last Sunday. How did you celebrate? I held my breath for one minute every hour to lower my CO2 foot print. Here is an excerpt from the article: “By the year 2000…we will be using up crude oil at such a rate that there won’t be any more crude oil”. How about this one: “The world has been chilling sharply for about twenty years. If present trends continue, the world will be about four degrees colder for the global mean temperature in 1990, but eleven degrees colder in the year 2000. This is about twice what it would take to put us into an ice age.”  The environmental movement has been taken over by Socialist central planners. These socialists want to use this issue to gain government power, so they can gain more control over ‘we the people”.

Minnesota Blows Billions Of Dollars On Wind Energy, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. Minnesota politicians thought they could reduce energy costs and reduce CO2 emissions by spending billions putting up wind turbines. It hasn’t quite worked out like the central planners planned.

Fear Global Warming? Markets Offer Our Best Chance For Survival, by Ryan McMaken, at Third world countries and socialist countries are literally toilets because they can’t produce enough wealth to clean up their messes. Only wealthy countries have the ability to clean up after themselves. Environmental policies that decrease the production of wealth harm the very environment these policies were designed to help. Here is an excerpt from the article: “…contrary to the global-warming radicals, it is not necessary to smash capitalism, adopt primitivist lifestyles, or revolutionize human society in the image of the central planner. In truth, people already want all the things that would make life both tolerable and enjoyable in a post-warming world. The necessary incentives are already in place. People already want technologies that will increase energy efficiency, cleaner air, and beaches without oil slicks. What many environmentalists refuse to admit, however, is that markets are the driving force behind the technologies that will deliver these solutions.”

The Democrats’ Universal Job Plan Would Be A Socialist Disaster, by David Harsanyi, at Bernie Sanders wants to “guarantee every American who wants or needs one a lifetime government job paying at least $15 and hour, with health insurance and other perks. This new progressive workforce will then build glorious projects throughout the United States that are aimed at addressing priorities such as infrastructure, care giving, the environment, education and other goals.” As with all socialist ideas, it sounds good but it can’t work as planned. Why? Because the laws of economics can’t be wished away. We live in a world of scarce resources and unlimited desires. This means these scarce resources have to be rationed. Scarce resources will either be rationed by Government bureaucrats, or by prices in a free market. More knowledge can be brought to bear in a free market than by socialist central planners. Which means more desires will be met with less waste.

Finland Abandons Universal Basic Income Experiment After Two Years, at This is just a slightly different version of the Democrats ‘Universal Job Plan’. Who decides how the money is spent changes. But the fact that the money is either confiscated from the production of tax payers, borrowed by government or printed by a central bank doesn’t change. These three ways of funding are not economical from the stand point of getting the most value with the least amount of waste.

More Government Spending = Weaker Economic Performance, by Dan Mitchell, at Money gives the holder the ability to go into the market and demand scarce resources. When an individual buys something, he is exchanging what he has produced for what someone else has produced. Money just makes this exchange easier than it would have been if the individuals actually had to exchange what they produced in a barter system. When government spends money it is an exchange of something for nothing. Why? Because government doesn’t produce anything. It just takes or creates money. This is consumption without production. Consumption is the destruction of wealth. Production is the creation of wealth. So the question is; does government spending increase or decrease economic growth?

“The Jesuits Are Essentially Poorly Educated Marxists Revolutionary Wannabes Hiding Behind Priests’ Collars,” at Loyola University Maryland’s faculty frequently quotes Karl Marx. Which probably gives us a clue as to why Loyola won’t allow Ayn Rand’s Atlas Shrugged to be given out to their business school students.

COMING SOON: New Money-Hating Pope Film, at The Pope is a Jesuit. Ergo he is anti capitalist. In one of my posts titled: Pope: “Capitalism Lacks Morals And Promotes Selfish Behavior“, I explain why  growing up in Argentina has shaped the Popes thinking about economics. I’m going to quote myself when it comes to the Pope: “The Pope needs to stick to his ordained mission of mercy and reconciliation and stay away from economics until he reads Mises, Hayek and Rothbard. Until he does, he is speaking from a position of ignorance about economics.

The CDC Study That Anti-Gun Lobby Doesn’t Want You To Know About, by Stephanie Hamill, at There are 2.2 million defensive gun uses a year in the U.S. You would never know about it because the Center for Disease Control (a government agency) has been sitting on this information for years. Why? Maybe because it doesn’t fit the accepted narrative of establishment government insiders (aka deep state). In an unrelated story, The Backfire Continues: NRA Breaks Fundraising Records In Wake Of Gun Control Demands, at We have reached the point where ‘the right’ has compromised all the ground it is willing to give up to ‘the left’ (not just on the gun issue but on all issues). When neither side is willing to back up, why would we be surprised that there is such a high degree of political conflict. The left doesn’t know what to do now that the right is standing its ground.

UK Judge Denies Parents Request To Take Son To Italy For Medical Treatment, by Ed Morrissey, at This is what happens when healthcare decisions are made by bureaucrats in a government-run system, instead of by individuals in a free market system. This should surprise no one, because the Government owns you in a government-run healthcare system. Oh! I forgot. That can’t happen here!

8 Months In Jail UK Has Gone Full Orwell, at This guy flips off government mobile safety cameras and gets 8 months in jail. This is what happens when you cede more and more of your freedom to bureaucratic Government. You must bend your knee to your bureaucratic masters. Oh! I forgot. This can’t happen here!

Parents Can’t Opt Out Of Sex Education Class, by Katie Jerkovich, at California’s Orange County Board of Education has decreed that parents don’t have a “constitutional right” to excuse their children from sex education class if they disagree with any “materials related to gender, gender identity, gender expression and sexual orientation”. Oh! I forgot. This can’t happen here!

Total Control: New Measures Toward Global Totalitarianism, at The incremental increase in the ability of Governments to survey their citizens is scary. This cartoon about Orwell’s 1984 says it all.

























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