Must Read “Leftovers”

‘Uber Of Snowplows’ expands To Twin Cities, Joining Existing App-Based Snow Removal Service, by Callie Schmidt, at SnoHub and Plowz are snow removal apps based on the Uber model. These apps bring the service providers and the  service demanders together in a more efficient way. The market does amazing things.

The Unseen Cost Of Shoveling Snow, by Jim Fedeko, at Jim’s articles are always entertaining. This snow shoveling discussion with his neighbor turns into a version of the broken window fallacy. The ending comes out of left field.

Control The Words, Control The Culture, at Not only does the left control the words that are used, it controls the meaning of words. And if you don’t bow to the alter of political correctness, you will be destroyed.

The Religion Of The Democratic Party Is Abortion And Brunch, by Bre Payton, at No comment necessary.

Higher Education Is Drowning In BS, by Christian Smith, at The BS doesn’t stand for Bachelor of Science degree. This is good even though I don’t agree with all of it. It makes you think. And that is always good.

Regulations At Lowest Count Since Records Began Being Kept In The Mid’-1970’s, at Getting rid of Government regulations makes the economy more productive. The good news is there have been a lot more regulations cut since this article was written.

What Is Social Justice?, by Hunter Lewis, at Excerpt from the article: “Moreover social justice is a moral concept, not a legal one. Charitable givers can make the necessary moral judgement about who have done their best………and are therefore deserving of help from those more fortunate. Governments cannot possibly make such judgement.

Utah’s ‘Free Range Parenting’ Law Said To Be First In The Nation, by Meagan Flynn, at Today’s parents smother their kids when they attempt to protect them from every possible (but not probable) bad thing that might happen. As you can see by looking at the millennial generation, this sheltering by parents has stifled the ability of young people to figure things out on their own. We are doing a disservice to our youth when we don’t allow them the freedom to succeed and fail on their own.

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