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Are the extreme environmentalists, (those who think man is destroying the planet), cheering for the carona virus or for its cure? Since they are for depopulation as a way to save the planet ……….. Well you can probably figure out the answer.

Do extreme environmentalists realize they are polluting the planet by simply breathing. They pump CO2 into the atmosphere every time they exhale. If they want to save the planet they should stop breathing.

President Obama recently tried to take credit for our booming economy. The same economy the Democrat candidates are trashing.



from the babylonbee.

Bloomberg Stops By Daytona 500 To Had Out Speeding Tickets, at babylonbee.com

Bernie Sanders Confused By New Hampshire State Motto ‘Live Free Or Die – ‘Both Of Those Options Sound Horrible,  at babylobee.com.

Bernie Sanders Frustrated With Having To Ask For Money Instead Of Just Taking It, at babylonbee.com.

Struggling Biden Campaign Now Offering One Month Of Free AOL For Rally Attendance, at babylonbee.com.

MSNBC Reports Republican Voter Registration Tent Deliberately Rammed Unsuspecting Van In Florida, at babylonbee.com.




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