Must Reads For The Week 5/11/13

The pen is mightier than the sword...

The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Charles Ramsey Interview, at Great video of an interview with the Cleveland man who helped the girl escape from her kidnappers. I love people who say exactly what they are thinking.

Obama Care Is Beginning To Skew Hiring Patterns, by Robert Wenzel, at Full time employees are becoming part time because of the incentives and constraints created by Obama care.

The Boston Mindset: Cringe Like Sheep, by William Levinson, at How can one  punk have a whole city of  Boston cowering behind locked doors. This is the part of the country that fired the shot heard round the world, read.

Visualizing  The Collapse Of The Fiat Currency, at The chart shows the decline in purchasing power of paper money. Nixon took us off the gold standard for good in 1971 (look at the chart). Look at what the Fed counterfeiting policy has done to the value of the dollar [purchasing power], from 71-80, and from 2001 to today.

Why I Let My Students Cheat On Their Exam, by Peter Nonacs, at Here is a quote from the article, “In the end, the students learned what social insects like ants and termites have known for hundreds of millions of years. To win at some games, cooperation is better than competition. Unity that arises through a diversity of opinion is stronger than any solitary competitor.”

Get Ready For Massive Obama Care Propaganda, at Propaganda used to make a “train wreck” not seem so bad.

The Economic Ripple Effect Of The Bakken Shale Oil Boom, by Mark J. Perry, at aei-ideas,org. Free market produces in spite of the brakes  applied by Government. Read Politicians “Affordable”  Ideas, Must Obey Economic Forces.

Planned Parenthood To Attend Obama Mother’s Day Event, by Katie Pavlich, at Having planned parenthood attend a mother’s day celebration is like inviting Dr. Kevorkian to your moms seventy fifth birthday party.

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