Benghazi And Political Incentives.


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The hearings last week about Benghazi have put politicians, and the witnesses who were on the ground, on opposite ends of the truth. This shouldn’t surprise anyone who understands what a politician values the most, which is his own political power. I wrote a post two days after the Benghazi attack titled, Real Analysis About Middle East Insurgency at, in which the truth about the attack was known within 24 hours. The way the administration lied about what happened in the weeks following  the incident is standard operating procedure for 99% of politicians and bureaucrats.


In a post titled, Mises “Human Action” Explains Lies About Libya, written two weeks before the last election, I talk about how to analyze  political decisions in general, and the Benghazi situation in particular through the lens of “Human Action”. Here are a few excerpts from the post that are as true today as they were seven months ago.

“We all know that politicians are self-interested individuals, and remaining in power is their main goal. This is the over-riding goal of every decision they make. They hire advisers to specifically look at everything they do and determine how it will affect them politically. If it is not the over-riding factor in decision-making, it certainly has a major influence in all decisions. This is my problem with the deaths in Libya. From the standpoint of security it was a failure, fine admit it and adjust. When you know what was going on within an hour of the start of the attack, and you put forth a story that’s untrue, and stick with it for weeks even as the truth starts to leak out, it tells me you have no other interests above yourself. You denigrate the lives of the fallen, you insult our intelligence, and you erode whatever trust remains, which is probably a good thing for liberty.”

“Every action that has been taken since the attacks began, is purposeful action toward the attainment of a more satisfactory state of affairs. Every lie told and photo-op taken was an attempt to reach a particular end, this is the science of human action. Since the situation was and is constantly changing, each day’s purposeful actions seemingly contradict the previous day’s purposeful actions.This contradiction only makes sense if we know the true ends sought. The end sought is to hold on to power through any means necessary.”


Parents of the fallen have said that Hillary Clinton told them, a video was responsible for the attacks, and she vowed to have the film maker arrested and prosecuted, read here. She told them this at a ceremony the day the bodies arrived at Andrews Air Force Base. If she lied in a situation where there were dead bodies and grieving families, wouldn’t she, and all politicians, lie to protect their own political power in every situation? They probably lie about trivial things in order to keep their skills sharp for the big things like Benghazi.

Even though the truth is finally being covered by the main stream media, a truth that we knew days after the attacks, just remember, everything they do and say is purposeful action in pursuit of their most valued goal, and the truth isn’t it. The truth will be sacrificed at the alter of political expediency. They will use anyone for positive photo ops and press coverage, and demonize anyone who questions their lies. People who are in positions of power should never be trusted, and the history of the 20th century proves it. But just like any abusive relationship, the abused thinks that this time it will be different, no matter how many times they’ve been burned. Read: Human Action Reveals The Reality About Political Decisions.

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