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-The shooting at the Washington Navy Yard begs the question. Besides MP’s, why aren’t military personnel, who are trained in the use of firearms, allowed to carry weapons on military installation? Did we not learn anything from the Fort Hood shootings? The only individuals armed at the Navy Yard and Fort Hood, other than the MP’s, were the two killers. Had other military personnel broken the law and carried a firearm, like the killers did, fewer people would have died.  “If it saves just one life, isn’t it worth it” to change this rule. This policy was apparently set in stone during the George H W Bush administration in 1992, read here,

-The IRS is the Government agency tasked to administer Obamacare. The National Treasury Employees Union, which represents IRS workers, wants an exemption from Obamacare for its members. Congressmen and their staffs passed Obamacare into law, now they have an exemption from Obamacare. The law is supposed to apply to everyone equally. Apparently some people are more equal than others.

-The President said that raising the debt ceiling won’t increase the debt. The simple fact that the Federal budget has yearly increases already built-in, and interest payments have to be paid on 1 trillion dollars of new debt incurred every year, proves he is either ignorant or a liar.

-If the Government takes $2.4 trillion in taxes from producers, and spends $3.7 trillion annually, that means that approximately 33 cents (actually it’s more), out of every dollar spent by Government is borrowed, whether it’s money spent to pay the president’s salary, or used to purchase paper clips. How many years would it take for you to go bankrupt if you borrowed 33cents out of every dollar you spent? How long would it take if you were allowed to counterfeit money?

-When the President compared the glitches in the health care exchange website to Apple having minor problems with iOS 7 mobile operating system, he forgot the most important difference between the two, which is Apple can’t force you to purchase their product while the Government is forcing you to purchase health care insurance. That simple difference produces incentives which changes how the supplier of the good or service deals with the consumer.

-The Government “shut down” is nothing more than a political game to see who can win the blame game. Any area of Government that can be shut down for the political benefit of the administration will be shut down at the expense of the public (the WWII memorial is an example). And any sob story created by the shut down will be trotted out in front of a compliant media for the political benefit of big Government politicians.

-If we involuntarily fund the Federal Government through taxes, how can the Government be more important than the private sector? The private sector produces what Government redistributes or consumes, and the Government produces nothing that the private sector wants or couldn’t produce more efficiently.

-I bet you tip waiters even if they provided lousy service, but you would never write a check to the Federal Government for one penny more than what your tax preparer said you owed in taxes.

-The Senate has not passed a budget to fund the Federal Government in five years, even though the House of Representatives has sent a budget to them every year. The Senate democrats actions tell us that they think they can gain more politically by having a yearly fight over passing a continuing resolution, than what they could gain by passing a budget.

-“Economist” Nancy Pelosi has stated in the past that, “…unemployment insurance is one of the biggest stimuluses to out economy….it is a job creator...” (watch video here). If that’s the case, we should have a permanent Government shutdown, layoff all Government employees,  give them unemployment compensation and sit back and let the stimulative effect of unemployment insurance create enough jobs to employ these furloughed workers.

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