Observations From The Margin

Observation Tower

Observation  (Photo credit: mooglet)

– If you were a number one draft choice, and you hired the republican leadership to negotiate your contract with the team that drafted you. You would probably have to pay the team a signing bonus to play for them.

– What a sweet deal Government workers have. They will receive back pay for not working for two weeks. Maybe they should ask for unemployment compensation to go along with their two week paid vacation.

– The republicans were convinced they would lose seats in the 2014 election if they continued the shutdown and didn’t extend the debt ceiling. The deal they agreed to just delays dealing with the problem for three months. I have to ask, If you were afraid of losing seats a year out from the election, how much more afraid will you be nine months out? Do you think the republicans will be more eager to surrender or fight?

– The administration wouldn’t pay death benefits to families of soldiers killed in combat during the shut down. When they finally passed the CR to fund Government, section 134 specifically gives a death benefit for the widow of Senator Frank Lautenberg (his net worth is $56.8 million). What’s the difference between being a serf and being member of the ruling aristocracy? A serf is used as a pawn to be sacrificed in the political chess game, and nothing can be denied what is the birth right of the ruling class.

– During the shut down, I heard people talk as if the Government is the economy. Question, does the Government produce what it consumes, or does the private sector produce everything and Government confiscates what it consumes? Who is the parasite and who is the host in this relationship?

– When a politician uses the phrase, “the American people” want or need or think something, he is presuming more knowledge about how individual Americans think than he can possibly know. It’s a phrase designed to stop arguments that are counter to his position, by claiming a majority agree with him.

– Some related cartoons from, The Burning Platform. See more here.

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