Must Reads For The Week 11/2/13

The pen is mightier than the sword...

The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Austrian Economics Hits Mainstream Media, at Great, but don’t let the media define what Austrian economics is.

Why Government “Care” Will Never Work, by Ilanna Mercer, at Don’t get fixated on the problem with the website. The website is just a vehicle to purchase unaffordable health insurance, the real damage will be done to health care.

Obama Crony: Michelle Obama’s Princeton Classmate Is Executive At Company That Built Obamacare Website, at Theft of our tax dollars through crony capitalism, nobody should be surprised.

Dad Makes Son A Prosthetic Hand With 3 D Printer For Only $5 vs. $20,000 For Traditional Prosthetic Hand, by Mark J. Perry, at The only way to make healthcare affordable is to go back to a free market in health care. Repeal ALL laws and regulations related  to healthcare and health insurance and step back and watch what happens.

Why The State Likes To Frighten You, by Chris Rossini, at Fear works because most people are ignorant about basic economics. It’s our job to educate people concerning economics, because they aren’t getting it through public education.

Top Hospitals Opt Out Of Obamacare, at and Docs Resisting Obamaccare, by Carl Campanile, at Unintended consequences happen when you try to impose socialist policies on a relatively free society.

The Eisenhower Decision Matrix: How To Distinguish Between Urgent And Important Tasks, by Brett And Kate McKay, at Understanding what’s urgent and what’s important helps maximize your most scarce resource, time.

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