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– We shouldn’t get so fixated on the “glitch” with the Obama care website, that we lose focus on the real problem, which is the obamacare regulations. It’s as if someone tells you he is going to inject you with a syringe full of poison, and you object because the syringe is broken or the needle is dirty or dull.

– If a Government populated by the “best and brightest, with access to unlimited funds, didn’t have enough knowledge or tax dollars to set up a website in three years, how could it possibly have enough knowledge, dollars, and time to set up a one size fits all healthcare system for 300 million constantly changing individuals.

– Intellectuals in the media are worried that the Presidents misrepresentation of the truth, (aka lie), will lead to a loss of Governments credibility with the people. I’m trying to figure out how being suspicious toward people in positions of power is a bad thing.

– Watching the President try to spin his way out of the, “…if you like your plan you can keep your plan…” lie, makes me yearn for the days of President Clinton, “…it all depends of what the meaning if the word is, is”. When it comes to spinning and lying, the President is a rank amateur compared to Clinton who was the Babe Ruth of spinning and lying.

– The administrations mouth pieces say you can replace your “crummy” plan with a plan that meets the new standards of Obamacare. I have two questions: 1) After you become and an adult and your parents don’t make decisions for you anymore, who decides what’s “crummy” or not? You or a politician. If both of you are looking after his own self interest, who would you trust with a decision concerning you? At least your parents loved you.  2) Who pays for the increased cost of the higher standard  plan? Either the tax payer, the healthcare provider through lower compensation, or you through higher deductibles and premiums, not “benevolent” Government.

– If a dope like me knew that Obamacare would force individuals to give up their plans, how could the smartest President to ever hold the office not know it?



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