Must Reads For The Week 5/17/14

The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

People Go Bananas Over Monkey Parking, by Alexia Tsotsis, at Another example of technology economizing on information. Since drivers are willing to pay for the information about open parking spots, the cost of the service must be less than the cost in gas and time spent driving around looking for an open parking space. I think Government regulators would be on board with this idea, because less CO2 would be spewed into the air as cars wouldn’t be driving around as long looking for parking spots.

ObamaCare Contractors Paid To Sit At Computers And Hit Refresh, at When Government tries to centrally plan economic activities, wasting scarce resources is always the result. In this case, labor is the scarce resource that is being paid to perform an unproductive activity.

Quotation Of The Day On The Keystone XL Pipeline, by Mark J. Perry, at ” Stopping keystone insures more railroad tank-car spills.”  Another example of Government regulations not just leading to less safe conditions, but adding to the cost of production. There is no way to insure 100% safety. Safety is traded off against the cost of an acceptable degree of risk. When The Obama administration shut down the Keystone pipeline they incentivized a less safe, higher cost oil delivery system. And guess who pays the cost in dollars and safety?

Rebellion In The USA – Protesters Attempt To Arrest Albuquerque Police Chief, by Mark Krieger of Liberty Blitzkrieg blog, at The break down of the rule of law happens when our rulers abuse their power. In this case the Albuquerque police department is out of control and the justice department has started an investigation. We have to use every peaceful method available  before we resort to the tactics that were used in this meeting. This affords the city council the opportunity to dismiss these protesters as extreme and the video evidence will back them up. The father that I showed last week getting arrested at the school board meeting for going past the two-minute speaking rule gained more support for his position because the school board looked extreme for having him arrested. The cost of using force to bring about change will be very high. We haven’t exhausted all of the lower cost avenues available to bring about change.

Football Player Sent To Re-Education Camp For Dissenting View, by Shane Kastler, at The PC police paint themselves into a corner when they anoint too many groups for protection. In this case they had to choose between a black NFL player expressing an opinion about a black homosexual draft choice. The order in which they value these two particular groups was revealed in their choice. On what rung of the PC ladder does a white homosexual fall?

Socialism Does Not Work /Danial Hannan / Oxford Union, youtube video. Danial Hannan does a great job explaining why socialism doesn’t produce the results the planners planned. Socialism uses force to make individuals comply with planners plans {Obamacare}. Socialists don’t like the spontaneous order, {Read my article Spontaneous Order = Free Market} that results when individuals are free to make decisions on what they produce, consume, and exchange. The only reason central planners think that socialism hasn’t worked is because it hasn’t been tried by the right people, namely them. Read my article, Why Socialism Won’t Work: Human Nature.

McDonald’s Kiosks In Action, at McDonalds is using cashier kiosks in its European restaurants. If our local, state and federal Government succeeds in raising the minimum wage above the value it produces,  Mcdonalds won’t be the only business that will have no choice than to replace these workers with kiosks.

News Reporting Is No Longer The Exclusive Domain Of Establishment Propagandists, at This is the creative destruction of  the free market at work. Everybody with a smart phone is a potential reporter. All of us are capable of being “on the scene” first, getting the scoop on the limited number of “real” journalists {propagandists}. The six o’clock news and the morning newspaper are reporting old news. News travels almost instantly via social media.


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