Must Reads For The Week 7/25/15

The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Tiny Sage Grouse Casts Giant Shadow Over Rural West, by Bonner Cohen, at Using the endangered species act to take land off-line. Here’s how the government operates. 1) Figure out what land you want to control. 2) Look through the myriad federal environmental laws. 3) Match the law with the land you have targeted to take off-line.

EPA Power Grab Incites States To Consider Nullification, by Kyle Maichle, at Another example of government bureaucrats, in this case the EPA, making rules to control people, cities, and states. I’m glad there is push back by the states. The only thing bureaucrats understand is push back that is as strong or stronger than their own use force.

Green Energy Plunders The Biosphere, by Viv Forbes, at Here is an excerpt from the article. “Green energy is not so green after all. It reduces the supply of food, water and energy available to all life on earth, and it often consumes large amounts of hydrocarbon energy for its manufacture, construction, maintenance and backup.

The Next Target Of The Obama “Green Police” Your Dishwasher, by Russ Hepler, at The DOE is mandating new standards for dishwashers. Get ready for dirtier dishes, more water usage, more energy usage, and more usage of your time. Just remember how The Affordable Care Act is working out.

Liberal University Bans Water Bottles, Causes Increase In Soda Consumption, at More unintended consequences by central planners. The University of Vermont wanted to cut the amount waste from plastic bottles, and also encourage the amount of local tap water consumption. They banned bottled water and spent $100,000 on new water fountains. The students voted on the new regulations by consuming more soda. Of course the response by the central planners is not to repeal the ban. They are going to make rules that deal with the unintended consequence of their previous intervention. This is the familiar pattern of all central planners.

How To Serve A Warrant: 1972 Versus Today, by Lt. Henry Thomas, at Read what a retired police officer says about how Americans have lost their rights as citizens.

We Are All Terror Suspects Under The FBI’s ‘Communities Against Terrorism Program’, by Thomas Neuberger, at Check out the list of activities that make you a terror suspect. How many of us would not be a terror suspect according to this list?

Wisconsin Activists Raided By Political Enemies Win In Court, by Gabriel Malor, at Another example of government abuse of power. The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that this was an abuse of power, this time. Can we rely on the courts to rule correctly according to the rule of law? Or is going to court a crap shoot? The rule of law depends on the answers to these two questions.

Hackers Remotely Kill A Jeep On The Highway – With Me In It, at Yes this is possible. Your vehicle is subject to being controlled and crashed by hackers.

Kerry: $100 Billion To Iran, No Big Deal. at Does the  John Kerry know that money is fungible? It can be spent for any purpose their tyrannical Government chooses.

On Demand Doctor Apps Bring Uber Approach to Medicine, at Obamacare will produce a free market in healthcare. It’s high cost will create an opportunity for entrepreneurs to produce services or products that are less expensive, and more productive.


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