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Coronavirus Consequences: Intended And Unintended

April 8, 2020


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The lens through which experts see a problem is important in understanding why they make the decisions they do. Engineers, chemists, immunologists, economists, lawyers, psychiatrists, social workers, farmers, politicians, and bureaucrats could look at the same thing and see it differently.



The head of the White House Coronavirus Task Force, Dr. Fauci, is the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. He sees our current crisis through the lens of being an immunologist. The end he seeks is the eradicate the Coronavirus. He chooses means that he believes will bring about the end he seeks.

What he doesn’t see are the consequences produced, outside of eradicating the Coronavirus, by the means he has chosen.



Economics isn’t really about finances, making money, business, profit etc. Economic principles are in play in situations that have nothing to do with money and finances.

Economic principles apply to everything in life. Medics on the battlefield perform triage on the wounded soldiers. They are deciding how to allocate their scarce medical resources, including their time, to the most productive use. Some soldiers have a chance to survive if they get immediate care. Some have wounds that can be addressed quickly and fixed later. Some can’t be saved. Triage is how these doctors make these trade offs. If they spend all their time on a soldier that can’t be saved, others will die who could have been saved and some may lose limbs that wouldn’t have.

Each of us has a limited number of hours (24 ) in a day. And we have an unlimited number of ends to choose from. We choose certain ends and also choose the amount of time we are going to allocate to each.

Good economists see the world differently. They do not see one size fits all solutions in a world of scarce means and unlimited ends. They don’t see a decision as a choice between either A or Z . They see decisions as trade offs between A and Z.



Frederic Bastiat was an economist in France during the mid 1800’s. His essay, That Which Is Seen and That Which Is Not Seen, starts like this: “In the economy, an act, a habit, an institution, a law, gives birth not only to an effect, but to a series of effects. Of these effects, the first only is immediate; it manifests itself simultaneously with its cause – it is seen. The others unfold in succession – they are not seen: it is well for us if they are foreseen. Between a good economist and a bad economist this constitutes the whole difference……the bad economist pursues a small present good, which will be followed by a great evil to come, while the true economist pursues a great good to come, at the risk of a small present evil.”

I’m not picking on Dr. Fauci. Every profession, by the very fact of being specialized, has built in blind spots weather it is politicians, bureaucrats, engineers, lawyers, psychiatrists or social workers.

We have to understand this reality and do a better job of looking at the trade offs instead of the one size fits all solution. The financial cost, the psychological cost and the high cost of agreement, have to be seen and considered in every decision.

I know our politicians and bureaucrats are not weighing all the costs of the decisions they have been made concerning the Coronavirus crisis. And the reason is they see the crisis not as a problem to be “solved”, but as a chance to increase government power, and shrink the rights of the individual. Because “You Never Let A Serious Crisis Go To Waste.”



Complex Systems Collide, Markets Crash, by James Rickards, at    Excerpt from the article:

“Complexity theory has four main pillars. The first is the diversity of actors. You’ve got to account for all of the actors in the marketplace. When you consider the size of global markets, that number is obviously vast.”

“The second pillar is interconnectedness. Today’s world is massively interconnected through the internet, through social media and other forms of communications technology.”

“The third pillar of complexity theory is interaction. Markets interact on a massive scale. Trillions of dollars of financial transactions occur every single day.”

“The fourth pillar, and this is the hardest for people to understand, is adaptive behavior. Adaptive behavior just means that your behavior affects my behavior and my behavior affects yours. That in turn affects someone else’s behavior, and so on.”

“Understanding the four main pillars of complexity gives you a window into the inner workings of markets in a way the Fed’s antiquated equilibrium models can’t. They let you see the world with better eyes.”

“People assume that if you had perfect knowledge of the economy, which nobody does, that you could conceivably plan an economy. You’d have all the information you needed to determine what should be produced and in what number.”

“But complexity theory says that even if you had that perfect knowledge, you still couldn’t predict financial and economic events. They can come seemingly out of nowhere.”

“I make the point that a snowflake can cause an avalanche. But of course not every snowflake does. Most snowflakes fall harmlessly, except that they make the ultimate avalanche worse because they’re building up the snowpack. And when one of them hits the wrong way, it could spin out of control.”


The Costs Are Mounting In This Government-Imposed Economic Collapse, by William Anderson, at   Excerpt from the article:

“What we are seeing is how many people want governments to respond to a situation characterized by uncertainty. In such circumstances, they demand “solutions” that only can make things worse, and there is no better way to make the masses vulnerable to disease than to impoverish them. Furthermore, theNew York Times and the American Conservative’s one-two punch demanding total subjectivity to the whims of government makes it very difficult for there to be even a smidgen of rational discussion as to what is taking place no matter what one’s ideological stance might be.”

“First, instead of assuming that regulators really intended to minimize costs but somehow proceeded to make crazy mistakes, I began to assume that they were not trying to minimize costs at all……… They were trying to minimize their costs, just as most sensible people do.”

“Politicians are rationally risk averse, and when they shift the costs of their decisions upon the people they ostensibly wish to protect, they are not acting out of character, either of themselves or of the political system. That they wreck the livelihoods of millions of people in the process is of no concern to them and their adoring media. Instead, blame the capitalists.


“If Getting Us Into $6 Trillion More Debt Doesn’t Matter, Then Why Not $350 Trillion?” at         Excerpt from the article:

“… in case anyone still hasn’t figured it out, the whole “republican, democrat” split of the population in two rival camps is nothing more than theater meant to distract while those in control loot not only the here and now, but also rob the future generations blind. Because the sad truth is that behind the fake veneer of either progressive ideals of conservative values, politicians on both sides have one simple directive: to perpetuate the broken status quo for as long as humanly possible, and get as rich as possible in the process.”


“A Multitrillion Dollar Helicopter credit Drop”: How The Fed Turned $450 Billion Into $4.5 Trillion, at   This stimulus bill allows The Fed to print $4 trillion dollars. The bill also allows The Fed to bailout anything or anyone it wants. It also allows it to do it secretly.  Why can’t I get a $1 million dollar bailout? I’m a great guy! And I’m great at keeping secrets!


Corona Cash Grab: Pelosi, US Agencies Compile Lists For Phase 4 Stimulus, at    At what point will this massive amount of debt become too heavy for the real economy to prop up. These geniuses think printing money and going into debt have no consequences. Economic reality will eventually win. And It will be ugly.


Michigan Democrat Governor Begs Feds For Hydroxychloroquine Just Days After Threatening Doctors For Prescribing It, at  This shows what a B.S. game politics is.  I will play politics until I need something to save my a$$.


Stimulus Package Projected To Save The Lives Of At Least 85,000 Government Programs, at   The Bee is great. This headline is funny because it is true.


The Things You CANNOT Say About Coronavirus, by James Corbett, at  If I don’t buy in 100% to what the “Experts” say about the Coronavirus, everyone acts as if I have committed a mortal sin against humanity. Most people will cave when it looks like the crowd is against them. I’m not most people.


How Governments Are Deploying Big Data To Enforce Covid-19 Quarantines, at And this article:  Kansas Using Residents’ Cell-Phone Location Data To Fight Pandemic, by Tobias Hoonhout, at These articles give us insight into how tyrannical politicians can be in the name of doing good. This is surveillance without a warrant. This is essentially what the FBI got the FISA court to do to Trump.

Garcetti To Non-Complying Businesses: ‘We Will Shut You Down, at   Where do these governors get the power to confiscate a businesses property. In reality this is what they are doing with these shut down rules. Do these rules have the force of law behind them or are these Governors using intimidation to get people to do what they want?

$350k Bond For Man Charged In ‘We Don’t Give A F*** Caronavirus’ Video, at    $350,000 bond for a second degree misdemeanor?  Seriously?  Here is what the Prosecutor said: “Millions of Ohioans are following Governor Mike DeWine’s social distancing order. It’s not a suggestion, it’s the law,” Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters said in a tweet over the weekend. “Gathering in big groups is dangerous, especially to our police when they have to intervene. It’s real simple: stay at home or expect to be prosecuted.”

This is all about intimidating people to do something that is an order (Suggestion) and not a law. These are the very real unintended consequences of Government is doing. This guy committed a mortal sin against the powers that be.


From Denmark, A Clever Way To Stop Panic-Buying And Hoarding, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog.   This is how you ration scarce resources. Raise the price. But this is really thinking outside the box. One bottle of hand sanitizer $5.73,  2 bottles $143 each. This should be the pricing system for toilet paper and paper towels.


UK Drug Dealer: People Are “Panic-Buying Cocaine And Weed To Cope With Covid-19 Lockdown, at    In the UK people are panic buying cocaine and marijuana. A dealer said: “…the price of cocaine is set to surge because there are no new shipments coming in from abroad for at least six weeks……When the stock begins to run low, people higher up the chain will charge more or cut the cocaine and decrease its quality.”   Economic principles are always in play. Even in the black market. The price will go up to ration the scarcity, or they will cut the quality to extend the supply.


Must Reads For The Week 1/20/18

January 22, 2018


Do Taxpayers Want To Pay For Those Shut Down Government Services?, by Ryan McMaken, at A Government “shut down” is important to bureaucrats, politicians and of course the media. Why? Because Government is the end all and be all for these people. No one else cares. Because of their bias toward big government, the news media creates stories to make a government shut down look worse than it is. This is all political theater. Excerpt from the article: “….. If the taxpayers were uniformly appalled and outraged at the thought of a government shutdown, it seems unlikely that the federal government would need to go out of its way to make a big show of what government services were being shut down. This is a time-honored strategy, of course, and even has a name: the Washington Monument Syndrome. For decades, the bureaucrats in the National Park Service have gleefully closed the parks whenever government shutdowns have occurred, …..The Park Service knows that the closure of parks plays a helpful role in angering American tourists and taxpayers who find themselves traveling a thousand miles to only end up at a closed National Park…..The National Parks are an extreme case, though, and the federal government knows it. The question remains as to whether or not taxpayers care much about all the other government “services” that may be closed or scaled back. Just how badly do the taxpayers want to make sure that their tax dollars keep going to fund NSA spying on Americans, or the study of wildlife mating habits, or the planting of trees in the front yards of millionaires?”

What The ‘Dreamer’ Fight Is Really About, by Victor Davis Hanson, at In this government shut down game of chicken between the R’s and D’s, the Democrats are betting all their chips on the DACA program. This article does a great job of explaining both sides of this issue.


What Closes During A Government Shutdown? Military, Social Security, National Parks, TSA? at Essential operations of government and essential personal don’t get shut down. The rest is non-essential. These two articles list what is and is not shutting down. What Won’t Get Done During A Government Shutdown, at


Glenn Greenwald Reminds Jeff Flake Who’s More Like Stalin Than Trump, at Here is an excerpt from the article: “Comparing the president to a former dictator after not shooting down a bill (Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act aka FISA)that grants him broad surveillance powers doesn’t make a great deal of sense. If the president is a dictator, there is no reason to trust him with oversight into civilians’ private lives.

Inconvenient Energy Fact” It Takes 79 solar Workers To Produce same Amount Of electric Power As One Coal Worker, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. The economically ignorant would think subsidizing the solar industry creates more jobs in the solar industry. And they would be correct on the surface. But what a free market does in a world of scarcity is produce the most output with the least imput. And jobs are a part of this imput. Non productive jobs don’t last in the free market. Non productive jobs only last in government or in a market that is hampered by tax payer subsidies, taxes and regulations. Since solar is propped up by tax payer subsidies, non productive jobs are allowed to continue. Subsidizing the solar industry makes the recipients of the tax dollars wealthier but it makes the over all economy less wealthy.

The American Sedan Is Dying, Long Live The SUV, at Evil consumers have made their decision. And auto makers will bow to the consumer. Lower gas prices, thanks to the American fracking industry, has made the trade-off for fuel economy not as important as it was when gas was four dollars a gallon. This is an example of how markets work to coordinate the decisions of millions of consumers and producers.

Are Crude Oil Prices Becoming Immune To Geopolitics? by Omar Lopez-Arce, at Production cuts by OPEC countries have had no effect on world oil prices. Other factors are setting the price of oil. 1)World demand for oil is increasing at a slower rate. 2)The American fracking boom has increased supply and OPEC can’t control American fracking. 3)The US has pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement. This means American gas and oil companies only have to worry about EPA regulations. And the EPA under Scott Pruitt has cut many of these Obama era regulations.


California’s Homeless Problem Revealed In One “Incredible” Video, at A cyclist takes a video as he rides a bike trail along the Santa Ana river in Anaheim California. It shows a tent city for homeless people that stretches for miles. He says it reeks of trash and feces, and is also unsafe. This is a jaw dropping video. Why doesn’t fake news organizations report on this? Is it because the biased media doesn’t want to see that decades of illegal immigration is finally raising its ugly head?

San Francisco’s Human Poop Map Shows City Is In Deep Doo-Doo, by Kira Davis, at Is San Francisco turning into a toilet? Once again the homeless are defecating and urinating everywhere. This is not a healthy situation. Will declaring yourself a “Sanctuary State” make this problem better or worse?

On a side note: The flush toilet has to be one of the greatest inventions of all time.

Oakland Supermarket Clerk Fired For Trying To Stop Shoplifter, at Crime in this area is going up. It is the stores policy for workers to not physically engage customers.  Excerpt from the article” “The store clerk said….. he was just tired of seeing the shoplifting happening over and over again. Other employees said they’ve seen an increase in shoplifting, eve since customers have been asked to bring in their own bags. They fill up their bags and leave without paying at the register.” This is an example of laws having unintended consequences. California banned free plastic grocery bags in 2016. Stores must charge ten cents for a paper or plastic bag. So stores started to allow people to bring in their own bags. More shoplifting was the result. There are no solutions in life, only trade offs.

“New California” Conservative Movement Declares Independence As First Step Towards 51st State, at Here is another example of the unintended consequence of decades of California’s progressive policies. A group called New California, wants to split California into two states. One state would be the coastal counties from Northern San Francisco to Los Angeles. The 51st state would we the rest of the rural counties. I think this is a great idea.


Must Reads For The Week 1/14/17

January 14, 2017

Rand Paul Is Right: Republicans Ready To Support Trillion Dollar Increase In Budget Deficit, at Chuck Schumer Slams Republicans For Proposing $9 Trillion In New Debt, at Rand Paul is truly upset that his party is proposing this debt increasing budget. Chuck Schumer should be thrilled that this budget will increase the spending of the Federal Government. He never met a (taxed, borrowed, or printed) dollar he didn’t want to spend. All Schumer is trying to do is get the conservative base upset at the Republican establishment. He doesn’t have to try, we have been upset at the Republican establishment for 16 years. That is what the last 3 election cycles have been about.

John Harwood Asks “Who Do You Believe America; Wikileaks or US Intel Officials?” Gets Surprising Answer, at The fact that he asked this question tells us he doesn’t understand why the election turned out like it did.

Trump Calling CNN Fake News. Trump has turned the media’s “fake news” construct around on them. “Fake News” was supposed to be used against the internet, conservative blogs, and Fox News. Now it is being used against the main stream media’s crumbling monopoly on information. The market eventually crushes monopolies. Just ask OPEC.

America’s Abundant, Low-Cost Fossil “Fuels Of The Future” Will Be Our Dominate Energy Source For Decades, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. Obama and the environmental crazies don’t understand that they can’t force their utopian ideas about green energy on to reality. Reality always wins. No one wants higher cost energy forced on them when lower cost energy is available. If an individual thinks the subjective psychic benefit of using high cost green energy out weighs the lower cost of fossil fuels, by all means let him buy green, as long as it is not subsidized by the tax payers. And don’t get the government to force your subjective choice on me.

Pope Francis Now International Monetary Guru, at The Pope should stay within his area of expertise which is mercy and reconciliation, not economics and monetary policy. The fact that the Pope and central bankers have the same economic and monetary policies, proves the Pope is fallible.

CPS School Loses Beloved Library Due To Budget Cuts, by Julie Unruh, at Parents wanted to man the check out process at the library after budget cuts axed the librarian at Pritzger Elementary in Chicago. Unfortunately the teachers union didn’t like the market solution to their monopoly position and wouldn’t have any of it. The Union said “the volunteers could wipe out the librarian position permanently”. And I thought the teachers unions were in it for “the children”?

Heating Empty Buildings”: Billion Pound British Biomass Subsidy Scandal, By Eric Worrall, at Unintended, but forseeable, consequences of green energy subsidies. British people are heating empty buildings to get the subsidy. From the article: “Businesses that signed up could receive 160 pounds from the government for every 100 pounds they spent on fuels, such as wood pellets, burnt in biomass boilers. As people spotted the gains to be made, there was a surge in applications and costs spiralled.”

Judge Dismisses ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Mohamed’s Lawsuit Against Conservatives, at ‘Clock Boy’s’ original story was fake news from the start. Obama even tried to push this Muslim backlash narrative. I guess if you can’t find real discrimination against Muslims, you make it up.


Related image

Image result for cartoons fake news mainstream media

Image result for cartoons fake news mainstream media


Must Reads For The Week 5/28/16

May 28, 2016

How The TSA Kills Hundreds of People Every Year, by Joseph T. Selarno, at Regulations aren’t implemented in a vacuum. People have options on how they will deal with any particular regulation. In this case, instead of putting up with the screening process at airports, people are deciding to drive instead of fly. This means a certain percentage of these people are dying in traffic accidents instead of arriving safely via air travel. It’s not possible to know the exact number, but we don’t need to know the exact number to know that more are dying. Another example of the unseen consequences of regulations.

New Poll 9 in 10 Native Americans Aren’t Offended By Redskins Name, at Once again the left makes up a fake crisis in order to dictate their vision of the world on the rest of us. Ever since the Indians sold Manhattan for $24 and some beads, the left doesn’t trust Indians to make good decisions for themselves, so the left will make the decisions for them.

Former McDonald’s CEO Crushes The Minimum Wage Lie, at When you raise the price of labor above what it can marginally produce, it will go away. In this case automation will take the place of minimum wage workers. I always ask proponents of the minimum wage this question: What is 15 dollars an hour times zero hours a week? (That which is seen and that which is not see).

EPA Mandates Renewable Fuel Levels Above 10% Blend Wall, at Government ethanol mandates do three things. 1) Increase the cost of gasoline. 2) Decrease fuel efficiency. 3) Decrease the life of engines. The ethanol industry profits (that which is seen), and the consumer pays the cost of the regulation (that which is not seen).

Bill To Allow 9-11 Victims to Sue Saudi Government Turns Out To Be A Chuck Schumer Led Scam, at Schumer stuck an amendment into the bill at the last minute which allows the Secretary of State and/or The Justice Department to stop any litigation. Who would have thought the Chuckster was capable of something like this?

VA Sec. Compares Wait Times At VA To Waiting For A Ride At Disney, at This can’t be true! I thought when Obama got rid of the VA Secretary two years ago, and replaced him with Bob McDonald, everything would get fixed? In my post “Incentives Matter” written when the change was made (2014) we explain why changing the person in charge without changing the incentives wouldn’t make a difference.

Elizabeth Warren: Uber Hater, at She said, “Uber and Lyft fight against local rules designed to create a level playing field between themselves and their taxi competitors.” Mrs. Warren (aka Pocahontas), these rules were put in place to tilt the playing field in favor of the existing cartel. A level playing field would be one with no regulations. Of course there is no role for politicians on a truly level playing field.

India’s Government Just Went Into Overdrive In Its Harassment Of Apple, at This is protectionist regulation that will marginally help the local businesses and hurt the consumers. (that which is seen and that which is not seen).

Why Aren’t Female Soccer Players Paid More? by Ryan McMaken, at Just because you work as hard as someone else doesn’t mean you will get paid the same wage. You get paid on the value you produce, as judged by the evil consumer, regardless of how hard you’ve work. In this case, consumers don’t value watching female soccer. If they did, women would get paid more. There’s a difference between merit and value. Merit is me working as many hours as Bill Gates and thinking I should get paid as much as him. Bill Gates produces more value for more consumers than I do, and gets paid for the value he produces, as do I.

Cash Banned, Freedom Gone, by Thorsten Polleit, at The recent talk about negative interest rates only works for central banks if they get rid of cash and make everything an electronic transaction. If every exchange is seen by the state: Do you have freedom?


Freud would have a field day with this!

Sorry I couldn’t help it.

Milton Friedman – Socialism Is Force!

August 13, 2015

Organizing a society via the force of central planning whether it take the form of monarchy, dictatorship, socialism, communism, fascism, or a democratically elected big government is very appealing to the people who are in charge of doing the planning. Or, in the case of democratically elected big government, it also appeals to the people who have been convinced that they are on the side of the planners they elected. As our country moves ever closer toward central planning, more force will have to be used to achieve the planners goals. This will produce more contention between people, which leads to less cooperation and more chaos.

Milton Friedman explains this in the video below.

Here is an excerpt.

“Trying to do good with methods that involve force lead to bad results. Because the people who set out with good intentions are themselves corrupted. And if they’re not corrupted they are replaced with people with bad intentions who are more efficient at getting control of the use of force……The most harm of all is done when power is in the hands of people who are absolutely persuaded of the purity of their intentions.”

Here is a quote from Murrray Rothbard:

“The market promotes and rewards the skills of production and voluntary cooperation. The Government enterprise promotes the skills of mass coercion and bureaucratic submission…and those who get to the top will be those with the most skill in that particular task.”


Related ArticleWhy The Worst Get On Top, at

Related ArticleWhy Socialism Won’t Work: Human Nature?, at

Must Reads For The Week 7/25/15

July 25, 2015
The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Tiny Sage Grouse Casts Giant Shadow Over Rural West, by Bonner Cohen, at Using the endangered species act to take land off-line. Here’s how the government operates. 1) Figure out what land you want to control. 2) Look through the myriad federal environmental laws. 3) Match the law with the land you have targeted to take off-line.

EPA Power Grab Incites States To Consider Nullification, by Kyle Maichle, at Another example of government bureaucrats, in this case the EPA, making rules to control people, cities, and states. I’m glad there is push back by the states. The only thing bureaucrats understand is push back that is as strong or stronger than their own use force.

Green Energy Plunders The Biosphere, by Viv Forbes, at Here is an excerpt from the article. “Green energy is not so green after all. It reduces the supply of food, water and energy available to all life on earth, and it often consumes large amounts of hydrocarbon energy for its manufacture, construction, maintenance and backup.

The Next Target Of The Obama “Green Police” Your Dishwasher, by Russ Hepler, at The DOE is mandating new standards for dishwashers. Get ready for dirtier dishes, more water usage, more energy usage, and more usage of your time. Just remember how The Affordable Care Act is working out.

Liberal University Bans Water Bottles, Causes Increase In Soda Consumption, at More unintended consequences by central planners. The University of Vermont wanted to cut the amount waste from plastic bottles, and also encourage the amount of local tap water consumption. They banned bottled water and spent $100,000 on new water fountains. The students voted on the new regulations by consuming more soda. Of course the response by the central planners is not to repeal the ban. They are going to make rules that deal with the unintended consequence of their previous intervention. This is the familiar pattern of all central planners.

How To Serve A Warrant: 1972 Versus Today, by Lt. Henry Thomas, at Read what a retired police officer says about how Americans have lost their rights as citizens.

We Are All Terror Suspects Under The FBI’s ‘Communities Against Terrorism Program’, by Thomas Neuberger, at Check out the list of activities that make you a terror suspect. How many of us would not be a terror suspect according to this list?

Wisconsin Activists Raided By Political Enemies Win In Court, by Gabriel Malor, at Another example of government abuse of power. The Wisconsin Supreme Court ruled that this was an abuse of power, this time. Can we rely on the courts to rule correctly according to the rule of law? Or is going to court a crap shoot? The rule of law depends on the answers to these two questions.

Hackers Remotely Kill A Jeep On The Highway – With Me In It, at Yes this is possible. Your vehicle is subject to being controlled and crashed by hackers.

Kerry: $100 Billion To Iran, No Big Deal. at Does the  John Kerry know that money is fungible? It can be spent for any purpose their tyrannical Government chooses.

On Demand Doctor Apps Bring Uber Approach to Medicine, at Obamacare will produce a free market in healthcare. It’s high cost will create an opportunity for entrepreneurs to produce services or products that are less expensive, and more productive.


Must Reads For The Week 3/21/15

March 21, 2015
The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Mesmerizing 3-D Printer Forms Objects Out Of Ooze, And Fast, by Tim Moynihan, at The innovation in the field of 3D printing is amazing. Carbon3D’s Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP) technology is mind-blowing. This technique is mush faster than printing an object layer by layer. The object actually grows out of a tray of resin. Watch the video below.


Solar Industry Fiascos Continue, at When Governments try to bring a technology forward before it’s time through tax breaks, tax subsidies, and tax payer backed loans, fraud is ultimately the result. When politicians and bureaucrats are handing out a big pile of tax payer money, there will be no shortage of con artists trying to get their hands on it. Government officials make bad venture capitalists, because they never have to pay the cost of their failures. Tax payers do.

Forget Oil, A Water Revolution Is About To Gusher In Texas, by James Stafford, at New desalination technology has lowered the cost of purifying water from $8 per barrel, to $1.50 to $2.00 per barrel.


Oakland’s Minimum Wage Hike Is Crushing Childcare Sector And The Domino Effect, at and Seattle’s New Minimum Wage Law Already Leading To Restaurant Closings And Job Losses, by Mark J. Perry, at These two articles show the “unintended” consequences of intervention by politicians and bureaucratic busy bodies.

The Robot Lobby Loves A Minimum Wage Hike, Consequences from Government intervention may actually be “intended”.

Oil Train Derailments In Canada Expose Folly Of Anti-Pipeline Movement, by Kenneth P. Green, at Environmentalists who have stopped the installation of oil pipelines, are responsible for more oil spills. Shutting down the pipeline doesn’t stop oil from being transported to refineries. More oil is being transported via rail and trucking which increases the chance of a spill. “Unintended” consequences?

German Court Places Nationwide Ban On Uber, at Government always tries to prop up the status quo. Government by its very nature is always tardy. It will always stand in the way of economic innovation that leads to the advancement of our standard of living. The recent passage of Net Neutrality by the FCC will eventually lead to regulations that will slow economic innovation. “Intended” or “unintended” consequences?

More Than 52,000 Canadians Left The Country For Medical Care In 2014, Bacchus Barua, at Government always produces a decreased supply of a lower quality product of service. The market produces an increased supply of a higher quality product of service. Obamacare will be no different from other socialist healthcare systems. “Unintended” or “intended” consequences?


Snowiest Place In America Copenhagen NY, at 21 feet of snow this winter in this upstate NY town. The pictures are amazing.

Students Attack Preacher Holding Anti-Abortion Sign, Cop Says Free Speech Has Limits On Campus, by Robby Soave, at The free speech door only swings in the direction of the progressive left.

Dear Gay Community: Your Kids Are Hurting, by Heather Barwick, at Heather Barwick’s perspective on being raised by her mom and her moms same-sex partner. This makes you think.

The Difference Between Going To High School In 1970 vs. 2015, Perfectly Expressed, by Steve Straub, at Younger people read this to see how much freedom you’ve lost. Older people read this and ask: How did we let this happen?

Nagging Wife Complains About Her Husband, Gets Unexpected Response, at I know this might come as a shock, but men and women think differently.



Central Planners Don’t See The Consequences Of Their Actions. Or Do They?

September 16, 2013
Cover of "Truth or Consequences"

Cover of Truth or Consequences


When central planners intervene in the economy, they either think their interventions, A) will help, B) know they won’t help but want to look like they’re “doing something”, or C) know what the result of the interventions actually will be and lie about these results to the public. This means they are either, A)  ignorant, B) politically self-interested, C) evil, or D) all of above. Here are some recent examples of intervention that have or will lead to consequences that are either known or unknown by the implementors of these plans. You decide if they are born out of ignorance, political self-interest, or evil. The central planning devil or angel should not be judged by their intentions, they should be judged by the consequences of their actions. The difficulty comes in sifting through all the propaganda, or spin, as they like to call it, and find the actual results of their actions. Understanding economic principles helps pull out the nugget of truth. (more…)

Walter E. Williams; Free Market Capitalism Produces A Higher Standard Of Living For Everyone.

December 25, 2012

Even though it is not planned by any particular person or group of people, the outcome of the free market process can be seen all around us in the incredible standard of living we enjoy. When our country’s main health problem is obesity and not malnutrition, and it seems that everyone owns a cell phone, we are rather well off as a country.

The main problem we face now and moving forward is, will we allow free market capitalism to continue to increase our standard of living, or because we don’t like how wealth is “distributed” as a result of this process, will we (more…)