Must Reads For The Week 8/22/15

The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Barber Gives Free Haircuts To Kids Who Read To Him, at Here is an example of a person making a difference.

Cab Companies Expanding Technology To Help Level Playing Field With Uber And Lyft, by Janet Moore, at Uber is forcing the taxi cartel to improve their service. The taxi cartel has operated on a playing field tilted in their direction for years thanks to Government. The game is no longer being played on this tilted playing field. Uber has moved the game to a new playing field that does not need to be leveled, it already is. No one kept the taxi cartel from coming up with the Uber model. Their monopoly position sowed the seeds of their own destruction. Read; “Car Wars” Return of the Jitneys.

Californians Roll 96 Million Plastic Balls Into Reservoir To Curb Evaporation, by Craig Rucker, at As it says in the post: “Irony is when Californians blame a natural drought on oil, than protect their reservoir with 96 million balls made from petroleum.” It reminds me of; “Seattle “Kayaktivists” Protest Shell Oil Drilling Rig In Kayaks Made From Oil.

How Much Time ABC, NBC, and CBS Have Spent Covering the Planned Parenthood Videos, by Kate Scanlon, at A total of 1 minute and 13 seconds out of a total of 243 hours of coverage were spent on the videos that show Planned Parenthood trafficking in baby parts. If you watch the videos it’s not hard to figure out why they don’t want people to see them. It’s media censorship by omission.

Transporting Oil And Gas By Pipe Line In Canada Is 4.5 Times Safer Than Transport By Rail, by Kenneth Green, at How much oil will be spilled, unnecessarily in the U S, because the Obama administration shut down building the Keystone Pipeline for “environmental” reasons?

Refrack Resourceship: Why The Carbon-Based energy Era Is Still Young, by Robert Bradley Jr. at Here is an excerpt from the article: “The fossil fuel era is new…..In fact compared to renewables, natural gas, coal and oil are the real ‘infant industries’. Remember, for most of the last thousand tears, and all of the time earlier, renewable energy (primitive biomass, falling water, wind, solar) held a virtual 100 percent market share: Carbon-based energies have dominated only since the onset of the Industrial Revolution.”

The Agency That Contaminated The Animas River Is About To Start Regulating Water That May Be In Your Back Yard, by Marita Noon, at Unelected EPA bureaucrats are making regulations that squash your freedom, by expanding their regulatory power.

Why The Federal Government Fails, by Chris Edwards, at Top down government central planning benefit a few at the expense of the many, while free markets produce increased value for both parties involved in an exchange.

James Harrison Gives Back His Sons Participation Trophies Until They Earn A Real Trophy, at jhharrison Instagram. Pittsburgh linebacker James Harrison wants his sons to have real self esteem earned in the real world, instead of false self esteem assigned for fake achievement.

Sound Familiar? A Clinton Swears Under Penalty of Perjury That Nothing Improper Took Place, at

Are you as sick of the Clinton’s shtick as I am?


News Busted. Lets laugh a little bit.

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