Ted Cruz Is Hated By The Establishment Of Both Parties

Ted Cruz has time and again pulled back the curtain allowing us to see how congress operates. Leaders of both parties hate him because he shows us the game of politics. The game is not about two parties competing to see who gets to sit in the seat of power. No, the real battle is between the leadership in both parties, on the one hand, and we the people on the other. It is between the rulers and the ruled. No matter which party is in the majority, government power expands, which means individual liberty shrinks. Neither party is interested in cutting the size and power of government.

We don’t even realize that we the people are the only ones who can take their power away. This is why the establishments of both parties have worked for decades to keep us ignorant about the reality of big government. Both parties have done a good job of convincing us that “solutions” to “problems” can only come from government, even though our present “problems” are consequences of previous government interventions, interventions which were proposed as solutions to previous problems that were caused by the original government solutions to our problems (did you follow all that). Government creates its own perpetual motion machine of solutions and problems.

The recent budget battle is an example of government caused problems that can only be cured by more government solutions.

Here is a video of Ted Cruz showing us what a farce the federal budget battle really is. This is why he is hated by the leadership of both parties.

Excerpts from the video:

“The cartel operates as one. In the Senate we have one leadership team. It is the McConnell Reid leadership team. In the house we have had the Boehner Pelosi leadership team. They operate in complete harmony growing Washington. Republican leadership….spends all their time thinking how do we beat conservatives. In the House how do we crush this freedom caucus. These crazy radicals who actually believe we should do what we said we would do. What a shocking revolutionary radical statement for Washington D.C. that we would actually do what we told our constituents we would do….. McConnell spends more time trying to figure out how to defeat conservatives than Harry Reid ever did.

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