Must Reads For The Week 10/31/15

Cops Now Use Prepaid Card Readers To Rob Motorists Of Digital Funds On Roadside, at Another example of asset forfeiture. Government bureaucrats are always trying to find ways to get their greedy hands on our assets.

Judge Dismisses Charges For Man Who Shot Down Drone, by Ryan Cummings, at Where does someones right stop and the other persons right begin. Example: Your right to free speech stops at my ear.

Gett Is Going After Uber, at, Gett is a new ride sharing app that is trying to undercut Uber. If Gett gains traction, it will cut into the taxi cartel even further. Isn’t the free market great for the consumer?

Who’d A-Thunk It? Higher Minimum Wages Actually Affect A Companies Plans On Where To Expand, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. More unintended consequences. Why don’t individuals act to planners plans like the planners want them to? Subjective value in a world of scarcity is a bitch.

Throwing Many Billions Down A Dark Tunnel For Bullet Train, at Hard to believe that this project would end up costing more than the Government “experts” said it would.

Electric Car Sales Crash Once The Feds Are No Longer Helping, at Government subsidies (your tax dollars) lowered the price (but not the cost) of electric cars. Subsidized sales artificially boost demand. When these subsidies go away the true market demand for electric cars is revealed.

Irony Of The Day: EU Reports Greenhouse Gas Emissions Way Down In 2014 (Guess Why), by Doug Powers, at Because of an unusually warmer year less energy was used. Which means greenhouse emissions were down. So global warming lowered greenhouse gasses that cause global warming. I’m confused!

Ted Cruz Solid On Money, at All candidates should understanding what money is, its role in the economy, and what happens when the Fed electronically prints counterfeit money.

Williams College Students Revoke Invitation To Speaker Who Criticizes Feminism, at Wouldn’t want the students to hear an opposing view and let them to make up their own mind. They may not choose the politically correct view. Colleges don’t want a dialogue on issues, they want a monologue on issues.

House GOP Begins Impeachment Against IRS Chief, at Impeachment is the only constraint on unelected bureaucrats and judges when they act unlawfully. Unfortunately this is probably being done for political gain because it’s election season and everybody hates the IRS.

U.S Plans To Sell Down Strategic Oil Reserve To Raise Cash, at The Federal Government is always looking for more money to fund itself. Why don’t they sell some of the oil rich land they own?

Pew: Homicide Rates Cut In Half Over Last 20 Years (While Gun Ownership Soared), by Ryan McMaken, at With all the stories that are hyped by the media, you would think homicide rates are soaring.


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