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Observations From The Margin

February 4, 2016

Observation Tower

Observations About The Results From Iowa

-Every media expert predicted that Trump and Hillary would win. They would have been wrong on both predictions if Hillary hadn’t won six Iowa precincts on a coin flip. Man is she lucky!

-The top 5 on the Republican side, Cruz, Trump, Rubio, Carson, and Paul, garnered 89% of the votes. Three of these became Senators because of support of tea party and liberty groups. The other two are not politicians. All five are outside of the Republican establishment {defined by me as Republicans in positions of power who want to increase the power of government, and think that everything revolves around what happens inside the Washington beltway}. The establishment candidates, Bush, Christie, and Kasich got 7% of the vote. It looks like the grass-roots are fed up with the Republican establishment.

-It’s interesting how the Republican establishment is hinting that Rubio is their guy now that the candidates they pushed, finished completely out of the mix. Are they trying to pressure Rubio into being one of them just because he was a member of the gang of eight? Do they think they can co-opt his candidacy? Would you consider him to the left or to the right of McCain or Romney, the last two republican establishment candidates for president?

-Ted Cruz was unapologetically for phasing out ethanol subsidies while campaigning in Iowa. Iowa is the top corn producing State. The Governor of Iowa told the people of Iowa not to vote for Cruz. Donald Trump came out for ethanol subsidies. Cruz Won. Cruz must have done a great job of explaining why he was against these subsidies to the people of a State whose cash crop is corn!

-Bernie Sanders was essentially tied with Hillary Clinton in Iowa. It is mind blowing to me how 50% of democrat voters support an avowed socialist, and the other 50% support someone who wants to centrally plan the US economy. Socialist Bernie wants the government to own the means of production. Central planner Hillary wants to leave ownership of the means of production in the hands of the private sector, but she gets to regulate every decision, and skim the profits away in taxes. So I guess the only difference is Hillary won’t tell you what she really is.

-Hillary Clinton’s victory speech didn’t sound like a victory speech. She came across as the unhappy vindictive shrew that she really is. She didn’t seem very happy or thankful for her victory.

-Of the people under 30 who voted in the Democratic caucus, 84% voted for socialist Bernie Sanders. Is this proof that our countries education system is nothing more than an indoctrination camp promoting big government?


Ted Cruz Is Hated By The Establishment Of Both Parties

November 4, 2015

Ted Cruz has time and again pulled back the curtain allowing us to see how congress operates. Leaders of both parties hate him because he shows us the game of politics. The game is not about two parties competing to see who gets to sit in the seat of power. No, the real battle is between the leadership in both parties, on the one hand, and we the people on the other. It is between the rulers and the ruled. No matter which party is in the majority, government power expands, which means individual liberty shrinks. Neither party is interested in cutting the size and power of government.

We don’t even realize that we the people are the only ones who can take their power away. This is why the establishments of both parties have worked for decades to keep us ignorant about the reality of big government. Both parties have done a good job of convincing us that “solutions” to “problems” can only come from government, even though our present “problems” are consequences of previous government interventions, interventions which were proposed as solutions to previous problems that were caused by the original government solutions to our problems (did you follow all that). Government creates its own perpetual motion machine of solutions and problems.

The recent budget battle is an example of government caused problems that can only be cured by more government solutions.

Here is a video of Ted Cruz showing us what a farce the federal budget battle really is. This is why he is hated by the leadership of both parties.

Excerpts from the video:

“The cartel operates as one. In the Senate we have one leadership team. It is the McConnell Reid leadership team. In the house we have had the Boehner Pelosi leadership team. They operate in complete harmony growing Washington. Republican leadership….spends all their time thinking how do we beat conservatives. In the House how do we crush this freedom caucus. These crazy radicals who actually believe we should do what we said we would do. What a shocking revolutionary radical statement for Washington D.C. that we would actually do what we told our constituents we would do….. McConnell spends more time trying to figure out how to defeat conservatives than Harry Reid ever did.

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The Republican Leadership Doesn’t Like Us.

December 12, 2013

budget (Photo credit: 401(K) 2013)

If you think Democrats and the Republican Leadership are on different sides of the aisle, think again. Both are upset with liberty minded groups because these groups are fighting the growth of Government. Both parties want to expand the size of Government which brings with it a corresponding increase of power. This expansion means the individual will have less freedom. When Government grows the individual shrinks. Here is a video of John Boehner getting upset at the very group of people who have helped keep his rear end in power.

Speaker Boehner said, “If you’re for more deficit reduction you are for this agreement.”

How serious are they at deficit reduction if all they can cut is $23 billion in ten years, with most of the cuts coming in the outer years of the budget (which never happens). The Government spends roughly $3.5 trillion a year. So they can only find $23 billion to cut out of the $35 trillion they will spend in ten years (and that’s if spending remains at $3.5 trillion a year). That’s $23, 000,000,000.00 out of $35,000,000,000,000.00,  or 23 dollars out of every 35,000 dollars, or 2 dollars and 30 cents out of every 3 thousand 5 hundred dollars, or 23 cents out of every 3 hundred 50 dollars, or 2.3 cents out of every 35 dollars. Two pennies out of every thirty-five dollars! Are you kidding me? You wouldn’t even waste the time picking up two pennies if they fell out of your pocket. I guess it all depends on what the meaning of the word “more” is, if this is “more” deficit reduction.

The republicans are not serious about reducing Government, they’re only interested in stopping a potential Government shutdown from happening when the present continuing resolution expires. They think a shutdown will hurt their electoral chances in 2014. Both parties battle each other politically in order to gain control of Government power. The minority party has some limited power in order to be a counter weight against the majority party, but remember, both have power over you. Both parties have power to force you to do things you may not want to do. Every individual and group of individuals who work to roll back the power of Government, are an enemy of not just the democrat party, but also the republican party establishment. This is why both parties are trying to attack the credibility of liberty minded groups, tea party groups, small L libertarians, and any politician who is backed by these groups. But don’t be afraid of their attacks. They attack us because they fear us, and they fear us because they don’t control us. If people like us washed our hands of the republican party, they could never regain the majority position.

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