Must Reads For The Week 12/12/15

Cop Pays For The Ingredients Stolen By A Mother Who Wanted To Bake Her Daughter A Birthday Cake, at I’m going to start with this because most of the news we here about cops is for their misdeeds.

White House Finalizing Plan To Expand Background Checks For Gun Sales Through Executive Action Without Congressional Approval, at The Constitution doesn’t give the President the power to legislate. But as Joseph Sobran said, “The constitution is no threat to our current form of government.” This is just another example of ‘the break down of the rule of law’.

Viva Venezuela….But Not Yet, by Carmen Elena Dorobat, at The opposition to the socialist party won two-thirds of the seats in Parliament. But this may not really be a vote for free markets because the people don’t really understand the difference between socialism and free markets. They just want the newly elected government to tackle the countries economic issues. They don’t understand that the government is not the economy, they are the economy, and the government has intervened in their decision-making for decades. They should want the government to get out of their way, not do something.

Do People, Or Do People Not Respond To Welfare Payments, by Don Boudreaux, at The same people at the same time hold two different positions about weather their are perverse incentives created by the welfare state.

Net Worth Of Individual Adults, by European Country, at One small country has the fewest resources and the highest individual wealth. Guess who it is?

Cincinnati City Council Votes To Ban Gay Conversion Therapy, at Obamacare forces individuals to purchase a service even though an individual may not want it. Cincinnati city council is prohibiting individuals from purchasing of a service even though an individual wants to purchase it.

The NSA Hasn’t Stopped Spying, at The USA Freedom Act took effect 11/29/15. It stops the NSA from directly collecting metadata from phone calls and text messages. Or does it?

France Suffered More Casualities From Mass Shootings In @015 Than The US Has Suffered During Obama’s Entire Presidency, at the president misread his teleprompter or he lied.

India’s Failing Gold Monetization Scheme: Seizure Imminent, by Paul-Martin Foss, at In 1933 FDR confiscated everyone’s gold. It can and did happen here.

Seiko Epson Says It Will Sell World’s First In-Office Paper Recycler, by Jun Hongo, at I wonder if a cost benefit analysis has been done. If there is no market for this product, at least the losses will be born by the investors and not the tax payers.

Ukrainian Drivers Are Converting Their Cars Into Wood Burners To Save Money On Gas, at Is this an activity that says to you, the world’s economy is really robust? This is a move back to a more primitive standard of living.

Man Takes A Perfect Picture Of Kingfisher After Six Years And 720,000 Tries, at


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