Are Electric Cars Really Green? From Prager University

Green zealots sing the praises of electric cars while failing to tell us the whole story. The reality is electric cars are really coal powered cars. The electricity used to charge the batteries in these cars is produced by power plants fueled by coal.

The video below from Prager University titled, Are Electric Cars Really Green, explains how green isn’t necessarily green. Electric cars emit just as much CO2 as gasoline powered cars.

Electric Cars Waste Energy

Electric cars waste energy compared to cars that run on gasoline. The energy stored in a molecule of gasoline is used directly, with very little loss, when it is ignited in a cars cylinder. The energy stored in a molecule of coal dissipates from the point where it is burned to produce the heat, which boils the water, that creates steam, which turns the turbines, that produces electricity which is transferred through power lines to your house and is eventually used to charge the batteries that move the car. Only ignorant people, or true believers, would us a more expensive less efficient energy source. Government subsidies make this ignorance affordable, at the tax payers expense. Government always picks losers.

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