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Are Electric Cars Really Green? From Prager University

February 11, 2016

Green zealots sing the praises of electric cars while failing to tell us the whole story. The reality is electric cars are really coal powered cars. The electricity used to charge the batteries in these cars is produced by power plants fueled by coal.

The video below from Prager University titled, Are Electric Cars Really Green, explains how green isn’t necessarily green. Electric cars emit just as much CO2 as gasoline powered cars.

Electric Cars Waste Energy

Electric cars waste energy compared to cars that run on gasoline. The energy stored in a molecule of gasoline is used directly, with very little loss, when it is ignited in a cars cylinder. The energy stored in a molecule of coal dissipates from the point where it is burned to produce the heat, which boils the water, that creates steam, which turns the turbines, that produces electricity which is transferred through power lines to your house and is eventually used to charge the batteries that move the car. Only ignorant people, or true believers, would us a more expensive less efficient energy source. Government subsidies make this ignorance affordable, at the tax payers expense. Government always picks losers.

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Must Reads For The Week 11/28/15

November 27, 2015

A New Social Engineering Mission Won’t Save Postal Service, by Andrew Quinlan, at Even with a government sanctioned monopoly, and billions of tax payer subsidies, the U.S. Postal Service has lost money every year since 2007. The losses are in the billions. The waste of scarce resources wouldn’t have been allowed to go on this long in a free market. These resources would have been allocated to a more productive use based on consumer demand. Propping up losses hurts the economy as a whole which means it hurts all of us.

New Tax Payer Bailout To Cover Up Obamacare’s Failures, by Betsy McMaughey, at Insurance companies are losing money selling Obamacare policies. (This is not a shock to people who understand that Obamacare is not insurance, but a pay as you go system). I don’t feel bad for these companies because they were all for Obamacare because they thought it would provide them with 30 million new government mandated customers. They are looking to get out of the “health insurance” business, but the Obama administration is promising them tax payer funded bailouts. This is a move to a single payer (you the tax payer) system which is what Obamacare was about in the first place.

Obama’s “Clean Power Plan” Should Be Called The “Costly Power Plan“, at New EPA regulations would only reduce CO2 emissions 1% world-wide by 2100. The cost of this is in the multiple of billions of dollars that will be paid by American electricity users. The reliable lower cost electricity that is produced by fossil fuels will be replaced by unreliable higher cost electricity produced by “green energy”. We are chasing infinitesimal decreasing amounts of a gas that is not a pollutant (CO2), at an ever-increasing cost. It doesn’t make sense unless you’re President Obama.

Cuomo Orders Censorship Of ‘Man In The High Castle’ Ads, by Mollie Hemingway, at “The Man In The High Castle” is a new show about what 1960’s America would look like if the U.S. had lost the second world war. Ads for the show depicting Nazi imagery were taken off of NYC subway system by Governor Cuomo. Money quote from the article, “Fascism is so bad that the ruling authority needs to decide what commercial speech is acceptable in public spaces? The governor ordering the ads pulled is exactly the kind of government control the show warns about.

“Carbon Charge”: Yale Plans To Institute Global Warming Fee, by Rebecca Downs, at I thought this might be from the Onion.  Can anyone say increasing student loan debt. There is nothing like paying interest on a global warming tax over a 15 to 20 year period.

Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Slam Pfizer Moving To Ireland For Lower Taxes, by James O’Shea, at The high cost of doing business in America because of taxes and regulations incentivizes companies to move to more business friendly places. To stop this kind of activity, Hillary and Trump want to pass more regulations. Even though it is the original regulations that forced these companies to leave in the first place. Why don’t they want to get rid of the regulations that created the incentives in the first place.

Eliminating Cash Makes It Easier Silence Critics, by Ryan McMaken, at Every transaction can be monitored in a cashless society. Access to money can be stopped by freezing bank accounts and credit cards. This is a  constraint on peoples actions. Its another way government can coerce people to do what they want.

Letter To Philadelphia Inquirer About Article On The Fed Helping Teachers Learn Finance, by Patrick Barron, at “Pushing back on the frontiers of economic ignorance”.

Emails Show DOD Analysts Told To ‘Cut It Out’ On ISIS Warnings, IG Probe Expands, by Catherine Herridge, at No comment needed.

DC Police Chief Who Advocated Taking Down Mass Shooters Has Approved Few Gun Permits, by Cody Derespina, at I applaud the police chief for saying your best option is to try to take the gunman down because the  cops can’t get there in time. But on the other hand she won’t allow individuals the means to take the shooter out.

At Least 40 School Districts In Ohio Allow Teachers To Carry Permitted Concealed Hand Guns, by John Lott, at If the only thing that stops a bad person with a gun is a good person with a gun. The logical thing to do is make sure the good person is allowed to have a gun in the first place.

American Cops Now Steal More Property Than All US Burglars Combined, by Matt Agorist, at Civil Asset Forfeiture laws allow the cops to legally steal from American citizens in violation of their fourth amendment rights.


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