Must Reads For The Week 2/13/16

Economics Explained (In 1 Simple Cartoon), at Economics isn’t about what is good or bad. Each of us wants low prices when we are buyers, and higher prices when we are sellers. Prices reveal the subjective values of consumers and producers at any given point in time. Prices change when decisions by individuals change (of course government intervention is factored in by individuals when making their decisions). These price changes coordinate the activity of individuals on the market. So prices are neither good nor bad. They are part of the process that coordinates supply and demand.


The Minimum Wage Surged In 6 Cities Last Year. Then This Happened, at This is not complicated. When the minimum wage is artificially set above what the market will bear, the number of low wage workers employed decreases.

Welcome To The Recovery: 1 in 7 Americans (45.5 million) Remain On Food Stamps, at During the great depression people stood in soup lines to get food. Food stamps are the modern-day soup lines.

Measuring The Global ECONOMIC Temperature, by Mark Thornton, at The shrinking demand for oil, even at bargain basement prices, and shrinking demand for shipping world-wide isn’t a good sign.

The Cozy Relationship Between The Treasury And The Fed, by David Howden, at The Federal Reserve funds government by purchasing  Treasury bills (debt). The interest the Fed receives from its debt purchases is paid to the U.S. Treasury after the Feds costs are paid for. Not a bad deal for the US Government!

A Surprising Opponent Of The War On Cash, at Excerpt from the article: “...politicians and bureaucrats and their crony banksters actually fear and loathe cash because it protects personal and financial privacy of law-abiding citizens and facilitates the preservation of their wealth in the face of mass political surveillance, negative interest rates, bail-ins and other crimes against liberty and property perpetrated by government.”

Want To Deposit Cash At J P Morgan Chase? Be Ready To Show Your ID, at Another example of banks not wanting to deal with cash.

Latest Report From The Frontlines Of The Bankster War On Cash, at Citi-Bank follows J P Morgan in the war on cash.

Mandatory Depression Screening Is A Depressing Thought, by Ron Paul, at If individuals in government can have people diagnosed as being depressed, they can mandate certain things that the particular “depressed” person is not allowed to do as well as what he is allowed to do. Not very comforting, is it?

Lawmakers Accuse Feds Of “Stealth Land Grab” To Stop Arizona Mine Project, by Michael Bashtasch, at This is what happens when government gets too big. Federal agencies can make up a law that will stop private citizens from doing what the bureaucrats don’t want them to do. Just another example of tyrannical government

Oklahoma Schools Put Up Signs Warning Of Armed Staff, by Micha Fleck, at The superintendent didn’t want the school to be a soft target, so some of their staff is armed. The only thing that stops a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun!

College Installs “Gender Neutral” Bathrooms But Makes Them Handicapped Inaccessible, at It’s always interesting to me to see the order the left lists its protected groups on its scale of values. Apparently some groups are more equal than others. I have a question; what’s the standard used to weigh the handicapped against the transgendered?

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