Must Reads For The Week 2/20/16

Justice Scalia And Constitutional Fidelity, by Andrew Napolitano, at Justice Scalia was a great man and jurist. Here are some excerpts from the article: “Justice Scalia was the modern-day progenitor of the idea….of interpreting the Constitution faithful to the plain meaning of its words. He was utterly and unambiguously faithful to this concept……Justice Scalia argued that the Constitution means what it says; it says it is the supreme law of the land; and all American judges have taken a solemn oath to be subject to what it says. It is superior to the jurists who interpret it…..If the text of the constitution is ambiguous, it then becomes the duty of the jurist to ascertain the original public meaning of the words that form the ambiguity……Ascertaining original public meaning often requires the skills of a historian; yet, thanks to James Madison, the historical record is ample….

The rejection of this line of thinking permits jurists to interpret the Constitution in novel and creative or even destructive ways, according to their own ideologies. It permits them to adapt a meaning in the text that they wish had been there to fortify contemporary societal attitudes…..the job of the jurist, he argued, is not to adapt the text of the Constitution to public trends or cultural changes. That is the job of the Congress and the States through legislation.”

“The Court, he said, was just one creature intended to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution. The Constitution is the court’s creator. No creature can be greater than its creator. He liked the Court. He loved the Constitution.”

Student Loan Debt Collection, At The End Of A Gun, by Scott Greenfield, at Think twice before going into huge debt for college. Government is creating student loan debt serfs. Government will receive tribute payments for years to come. HT

Occupational Licensing Regulations Stifle Job Creation, at When the cost of doing any activity rises, you will get fewer people doing these activities, (just as increasing the minimum wage decreases the employment of minimum wage workers). I have the solution: The Government should start a student loan type of program for the people who have to acquire Government mandated occupational licenses! HT

Tim Cook Says Apple Will Fight Order To Help Unlock iPhone, by Brian Barrett, at Instead of getting an Apple engineer to decrypt the particular iPhone used by the San Beradino terrorists and retrieving the information, the Feds want Apple to give them the skeleton key that will unlock all iPhones, not just the terrorists particular phone. Big Government always wants more and more power over individuals. How long do you think Tim Cook can hold up against the resources and force that the Federal Government will bring down on Apple?

How Government Buys Your Support, by James Bovard, at Excerpt from the article, “Politicians and bureaucrats realize that addicting citizens to government handouts is the easiest way to breed mass docility and stretch their power.” Politicians aren’t being charitable when they give out government largess. They are stealing, via taxation, from one group and using it to bribe another group.

Why Negative Interest Rates Will Fail, by Frank Hollenbeck, at The Fed wants to incentivize banks to loan out the excess reserves they are holding at Federal Reserve Banks, in the hope of stimulating the economy. Unfortunately there is no one to loan these dollars to.

When Cash Is Outlawed, Only Outlaws Will have Cash, at Government wants us to use electronic numbers (money) in our bank accounts instead of actual cash. Easier to control and confiscate electronic money than it is cash.

Check Out This Rare Planetary Alignment Before It’s Gone, Mercury, Venus, Saturn, Mars, and Jupiter will be visible starting tonight (2/20/16) in the predawn all month.


The State Of Drug Use In America, at This article shows the drug usage in the US. It shows each states use of  tobacco, alcohol, wine, weed, painkillers, heroin, and meth. It also shows the number of deaths from alcohol and drugs.





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