Political Correctness Produces Pusillanimous People

Pusillanimous means exactly what you think it means. Decades of political correctness has produced people who can’t handle anything that challenges their vision of the world, makes them feel uncomfortable, or offends them. What the standard is for these “offenses” isn’t defined. I guess each person is the arbiter of whether he is offended. They don’t know how to compete in the arena of ideas, because they have been protected since birth from anything that makes them feel uncomfortable. People like me have no problem throwing down with someone who wants to challenge our thinking, because we have been battling the Marxist socialist ideas of the political, academic, cultural, and media class ever since we can remember.

Whoever has protected these people from conflict has created emotional cripples. I think the push back against political correctness is just beginning. Trump is popular because of his political incorrectness. We should not be afraid of being politically incorrect. Put another way we should not be afraid of stating the truth.

Here are two videos from Prager University. One shows the insanity of political correctness. The other talks about how I was raised.




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