Must Reads For The Week 2/27/16

Pentagon Orders Military To Prioritize Global Warming In All Actions, at I can see it now. The military can’t act until they do an environmental impact statement. Government intervention makes everything more difficult.

4 Reasons To Fear Encryption Back Doors Even Though You’re Not A Terrorist, by Scott Schackford, at Apple is standing against the FBI grabbing power that it doesn’t possess. Here is an excerpt from the article: “…the federal government has made it very abundantly clear that they want to bypass encryption not just in this one case, but in others as well, including cases where the suspected criminal is alive but uncooperative or unavailable. The government is attempting to coerce citizens into assisting the government to gain access to somebody else’s property. This sets a dangerous precedent that is easy to ignore because of the circumstances of this case.”

Judge Orders Discovery, Testimony From State Department On Hillary’s EMail, at Judge orders that Judicial Watch will be able to question Hillary’s staff under oath about her e-mails. Judge says there is “reasonable suspicion” that staff members tried to thwart the Freedom of Information Act. I find it hard to believe that a Clinton would stonewall, delay, and outright defy the law! There is no pattern of this, Is there? Read here, Hillary and Benghazi: Call In The Cleaners.

Germany’s Looming Demographic Cliff, at Demographics is destiny. In a totally unrelated article, Germans Cheer As Refugee Center Burns, Crowds Stop Firefighters From Extinguishing Blaze, at

Greek Attempt To Force Use Of Electronic Money Instead Of Cash Fails, at The Greek government will start to ratchet up the force to get people to use electronic money instead of cash. The carrot didn’t work, get ready for the stick.

New Campus Social Justice Cause: Fat Liberation, at Fat studies courses are popping up at colleges. Students go into large amounts of debt to take these rigorous academic courses that every business wants their future employees to take. Fat studies is a game changer for these students.

Clinton And Sanders And Progressivism, by Walter E. Williams, at Excerpt from the article,”…progressivism sought to grant the state vast new authority to manage all walks of American Live while at the same time weakening traditional checks on government power, including private property rights adn liberty of contract, two principles that progressives hold in contempt.”

Why Women Pay Higher Prices For The “Same” Products, by John Dotson, at The operative word is “same”. Just because a product may be similar doesn’t mean it is the same. Subjective value by consumers also contributes to price differences between similar (not the same) products. Since men and and women value things differently, price differences shouldn’t be a shock to anyone.

The Economics Of Free Stuff, by Jonathan Newman, at Free stuff costs somebody something. When government is giving out free stuff, who do you think bears the cost? Good answer!

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