Must Reads For The Week 7/30/16

The FBI Is Using Lousy Software To Derail FOIA Requests, Law Suit Claims, at Government agencies are never happy to comply with Freedom Of Information Act requests. They use many tactics to slow down the process of turning over the information that is requested. The FBI is being charged with using outdated software system to slow down the search process. Does the FBI use outdated technology to find information about citizens? No chance. They only use the outdated technology to protect themselves. The incentive to protect their status quo position and/or make their agencies power grow is the most important incentive for individuals in government. Being a “public servant” doesn’t over ride this incentive.

The Arrogance Of One-Party Government In California, by Thomas Lifson, at From the article: “The California Senate voted 28-8 to exempt itself form gun-control laws that apply to the rest of the populace. They are worthy to pack heat for personal protection, and the masses must wait for the police.” Another example of “public servants” exempting themselves from the rules we serfs have to follow. These politicians have no incentive to act differently. Why? because there is no fear of loosing their elected position. The Democrat party wins every election in California. Republicans don’t gloat. If you had been in power as long as the Democrats have, you would be exempting yourself from your own laws. Incentives matter!

Democrats Are Really Worried That You Can’t Afford Pokemon Go, at This is our fault! There would be no incentive for politicians to do things like this if ‘we the people’ wouldn’t accept property stolen from our fellow citizens. They want more power! Don’t be an enabler!

Hillary Clinton Complains About Being Held To A Higher Standard Than Everyone Else, at This could be a headline from the Onion. Higher standard! She couldn’t dig a tunnel deep enough to get under the standard for her behavior.

Harry Reid: Trump Should Receive Fake Intelligence Briefings. He Can’t Be Trusted, at Hillary is the one that put classified information in danger of being hacked when she conducted State Department business on her private email server. This act alone would keep her form getting a top secret security clearance if she was one of us. But remember, she is held to a “higher” standard than everyone else.

Trump Just Got Hillary To Admit Her E-Mails Are A National Security Issue, by Sean Davis, at If the DNC emails were hacked, why would anyone think Hillary’s server wasn’t hacked? If Russia or some other country has Hillary’ emails, do you think they will use them to blackmail her if she becomes President? Or do you think they will use them to try to torpedo her candidacy? Does the answer to these last two questions depend on the RNC or Trumps electronic communications having been hacked by a foreign country? Remember when the people said Bill Clinton’s affairs put the country at risk because of the possibility he could be blackmailed were thought to be stupid? Why would we place any amount of trust in people who have power over us?

Is Wikileaks Dismantling Of DNC An Attack By Putin And Russia? by John Schindler, at Does it matter if it was Russia? You Decide.

Guns: How The NY Times Manipulates Data, by Ryan McMaken, at Is anyone shocked that data is manipulated or cherry picked to fit a certain vision?

Undercover Video: Hillary Delegate Explains Her Deceptive Propaganda To Ban Guns, at An article for my anti gun friends who think I’m crazy for thinking the left wants to ban guns. When they ask me why people, like me, don’t want “common sense” gun laws. I tell them for the same reason the left doesn’t want any “common sense” law restricting abortion. Once the camel gets its nose under the tent, there is no stopping it.

The Consequences Of Militarized Police Force, by Ryan McMaken, at Could a free market policing system possible work in place of our present state-run police system? Interesting article which looks at where our current system is and where it could end up.

What Happens When Cops Start Getting Shot?, at This article will make you think. Don’t read it unless you are ready to invest some brain power.


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