Must Reads For The Week 12/24/16

Monday Humor? Obama Warns Trump On Use Of “Executive Orders” at The “pen and a phone” guy is telling Trump to do as I say not as I do. Quote from Obama: “Keep in mind, that my strong preference has always been to legislate when I can get legislation done. In my first two years I wasn’t relying on executive powers because I had big majorities in the Congress…..even after we lost the majorities…..I bent over backwards consistently to try to find compromise and a legislative solution to some of the big problems that we’ve got.”

Maine Gas Distributor Won’t Deliver To Trump Supporters, at This man has the right to do with his property as he wishes. If he doesn’t want to sell to a particular person, so be it. So explain to me why some bakers were forced out of business for not first producing and then selling a wedding cake to a gay couple. The wedding cake is a special order item, it didn’t exist at the moment the couple attempted to ordered it. When you go into a bakery and they are out of glazed doughnuts, can you force them to produce one for you? No one has a claim to the property of another individual. Except the IRS

Ivanka Trump Told By Artist To Take Their Work Down From Her Walls, at Am I missing something here. These artists don’t own these paintings. They created these paintings but they don’t own them. Ivanka owns them. If they don’t want them hanging on her walls they should offer to buy them back. Ivanka might sell them for double the price she paid for them.

Baby Boomers Increasingly Having Social Security Checks Garnished To Cover Student Loan Payments, at The government wants its payments from the debt serfs.

Equal Pay Day This Year Was April 12th. The Next Occupational Fatality Day Will Be On Feb. 19, 2027, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. Over 90% of the top 20 most dangerous occupations are filled by men. In 2015 there were 4454 men killed in fatal occupational injuries compared to 367 women. This doesn’t seem fair. What can be done to have a more equitable distribution of these deaths?

This chart from carpediemblog (here) shows the 20 most dangerous jobs.


Notice police and sheriff’s patrol officers are in 19th place, and fire fighters are not in the top 20. Should we call  people who are in the top 18 most dangerous occupations “heroes” for performing the jobs in the fields they freely decided to enter? Could these people also be considered “first responders”. Aren’t farmers, roofers, miners, refuse collectors etc responding to people’s demands?

Here Are Two Fake News Stories. Another Hijab Hoax: University Of Michigan Student Claimed Man Threatened To Set Her On Fire, by John Sexton, at And this. Police: Muslim Woman Made Up Story About Attack At The Hands Of A Trump Supporter, at Both presented with no comment.

Commuter-In-Chief: Obama Sets New Single-Day Clemency Record; More Than Previous 11 Presidents Combined, at I know no one is vetting people who come in to this country. Who is vetting the people Obama is letting out of prison?

It’s Going To Take Men With Guns To Stop The Suburban Deer Uprising, by John Davidson, at Deer are becoming a nuisance animal. The deer herd has to be reduced because the amount of damage the deer are causing.

Save The Snowflakes Testimonial, at




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