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Must Reads For The Week 2/25/17

February 25, 2017

Four Agencies To Abolish Along With The Department Of Education, by Ryan McMaken, at The Department of Homeland Security, The EPA, The Department of the Interior, and The Department of Agriculture should be cut along with the Department of Education according to Ryan McMaken. I would also cut 10% from the budget of all the other agencies just for starters.

The “Washington Monument Syndrome” Strikes Again As Trump Imposes Hiring Free, by Tate Fegley, at When Government budgets get cut, the first thing a Government Agency gets rid of is the most popular programs. Because nobody notices if you cut things that aren’t important ( shouldn’t have existed in the first place). Government agencies try to protect their fiefdom, at the expense of the tax payer (in dollars and regulations).

With Sales Depressed By Soda Tax, Philly Gorcers Look To Cut Jobs As Mayor Blames “Greedy” Soda Industry, by Eric Boehm, at Who would have thought that raising the price would mean less demand? Less demand to the point of laying off workers?

Don’t Strangle AirBnb; Cut Its Competitors Some Slack, by A Barton Hinkle, at The hotel industry should be lobbying the Government to get rid of cumbersome regulations on their industry instead of lobbying  government to pass more regulations in an attempt to crush their competition. The consumer looses when Government intervenes.

Move Over Greece, Italy’s Crisis Will Be Worse, at The world is changing. Governments in countries attempting to control every aspect of an individuals life are being tossed out by voters. That is what BREXIT was about.

South Australia Falls Victim To Green Hubris, by Jordan McGillis, at Mandating the use of an intermittent supply of electricity like wind comes with a price. That price is rolling blackouts when electricity use surges past the point where intermittent wind can’t keep up with the increased demand.

Billions Gone: 2016 Olympic Venues In Brazil Are Now In Ruins, by Alice Salles, at Why do politicians think that building the infrastructure to put on a three week one and done event, like the Olympics, would have any lasting economic effect? Hosting the Olympics is a waste of scarce resources that have alternative uses.

Obama Allows Wind Turbines to Legally Kill Eagles, at Once again the left has a choice between two competing interests. In this case they must choose between  their beloved green energy and natures creatures. Obama has made a decision that increasing the amount of eagles killed by wind turbines by 4 times the previous number, is an acceptable trade off for his beloved green energy. But what would you expect from the oracle on green energy just before he left office. Obama’s ‘Science’ Article Long On Symbolism, Short On Substance, at

Calexit – Beat The Crowd, at We’ve talked about California wanting to exit the U.S. But the real Calexit has and is already taking place. The real Calexit is the exit of individuals from California to states that have lower taxes and less regulation. No shock here. When you increase the cost of being a resident of California, you will have fewer residences.


MSM Touts New Poll Showing Record Obamacare Support; Ignores 14 – Point Dem Over Sampling, at Here is an example of the MSM creating fake news from a fake poll.

White House Bars CNN, NYT, Others From Media Briefing, The MSM doesn’t know how to respond to Trump when he fights back, because past Republicans would have caved in at the first sign of media pressure. This should be the new template for how to deal with media bias. The media bullies don’t know what to do when they get their nose bloodied.

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Must Reads For The Week 1/21/17

January 21, 2017

The End Of The Obama World Order, at Are these years worth saving? Excerpt from the article: “The Obama years brought us the Arab Spring, Benghazi ISIS, civil war in Syria, civil war in Ukraine and the Iran nuclear deal. On the home front, we have had to deal with Obamacare, “Fast and Furious”, IRS targeting conservative groups, Solyndra, the VA scandal, NSA spying and the worst “economic recovery” since the end of World War II.” That is quite a list of accomplishments.

President Obama’s Final Message To The Press, at The President made these remarks to the press about how they should act towards the President elect: “You,re Not supposed to be sycophants, you’re supposed to be skeptics, you’re suppose to ask me though questions, you’re not supposed to be complimentary, but you’re supposed to cast a critical eye on folks who hold enormous power and make sure that we are accountable to the people who sent us here and you have done that.” Obama has a skewed sense of reality. The press was never skeptical about Obama, they were sycophants for Obama. We are about to see how the media is supposed to treat anyone who has a position of power, and that is a good thing.

Golfer-In-Chief Obama Plays More Rounds Of Golf Than Any Other President Since Eisenhower, at 306 rounds of golf in eight years. I wish he would have played 36 holes of golf everyday for 8 years.

Church Won’t Utter Trump’s Name In Prayers Since He’s ‘Literally’ A Trauma Trigger To Some People, at I don’t know what is worse. Being so mentally weak that they can’t handle hearing Trumps name, or enabling these people’s mental weakness.

Anti Trump Protesters Hold ‘Cough-In’ At Trump Restaurant In NYC.

Regular people can’t relate to this. Can They?


Fake News, Fake Politics, And Fake Policy, by Robert Higgs, at Excerpt from the article: “Where government, politics, and policy implementation are concerned, we would be wise to remember that just as in the realm of often-fake news, things are rarely what they purport to be and, indeed, they are often the exact opposite.”

Report: Schools Teach Kids To Hate America Under The Guise Of “Civics“, by Joy Pullmann, at We didn’t need a report to tell us this. We’ve known this has been happening for decades.

Loretta Lynch Parting Shot At Your Individual Freedom, at Excerpt from the article: “Attorney General Loretta Lynch secretly signed an order directing the National Security Agency…… to make available raw spying data to all other federal intelligence agencies, which then can pass it on to their counterparts in foreign countries and in the 50 states upon request. She did so, she claimed, for administrative convenience. Yet in doing this, she violated basic constitutional principles that were erected centuries ago to prevent just what she did.” This is not shocking news is it?

Chinese Province Admits It Fabricated Economic Data For Three Years, at It’s hard to believe government officials would fudge data in order to distort economic reality. This isn’t happening in the US, is it?

Free Market Economics and Crony Capitalism, by Hunter Lewis, at Businesses love free market when they are competing for market share with larger competitors. But when they become the larger business they try to get government to pass regulations that make it harder for upstarts to compete for the market share they currently supply. Big business loves big government because it is the only thing that can keep competitors out of the market.



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Must Reads For The Week 1/14/17

January 14, 2017

Rand Paul Is Right: Republicans Ready To Support Trillion Dollar Increase In Budget Deficit, at Chuck Schumer Slams Republicans For Proposing $9 Trillion In New Debt, at Rand Paul is truly upset that his party is proposing this debt increasing budget. Chuck Schumer should be thrilled that this budget will increase the spending of the Federal Government. He never met a (taxed, borrowed, or printed) dollar he didn’t want to spend. All Schumer is trying to do is get the conservative base upset at the Republican establishment. He doesn’t have to try, we have been upset at the Republican establishment for 16 years. That is what the last 3 election cycles have been about.

John Harwood Asks “Who Do You Believe America; Wikileaks or US Intel Officials?” Gets Surprising Answer, at The fact that he asked this question tells us he doesn’t understand why the election turned out like it did.

Trump Calling CNN Fake News. Trump has turned the media’s “fake news” construct around on them. “Fake News” was supposed to be used against the internet, conservative blogs, and Fox News. Now it is being used against the main stream media’s crumbling monopoly on information. The market eventually crushes monopolies. Just ask OPEC.

America’s Abundant, Low-Cost Fossil “Fuels Of The Future” Will Be Our Dominate Energy Source For Decades, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. Obama and the environmental crazies don’t understand that they can’t force their utopian ideas about green energy on to reality. Reality always wins. No one wants higher cost energy forced on them when lower cost energy is available. If an individual thinks the subjective psychic benefit of using high cost green energy out weighs the lower cost of fossil fuels, by all means let him buy green, as long as it is not subsidized by the tax payers. And don’t get the government to force your subjective choice on me.

Pope Francis Now International Monetary Guru, at The Pope should stay within his area of expertise which is mercy and reconciliation, not economics and monetary policy. The fact that the Pope and central bankers have the same economic and monetary policies, proves the Pope is fallible.

CPS School Loses Beloved Library Due To Budget Cuts, by Julie Unruh, at Parents wanted to man the check out process at the library after budget cuts axed the librarian at Pritzger Elementary in Chicago. Unfortunately the teachers union didn’t like the market solution to their monopoly position and wouldn’t have any of it. The Union said “the volunteers could wipe out the librarian position permanently”. And I thought the teachers unions were in it for “the children”?

Heating Empty Buildings”: Billion Pound British Biomass Subsidy Scandal, By Eric Worrall, at Unintended, but forseeable, consequences of green energy subsidies. British people are heating empty buildings to get the subsidy. From the article: “Businesses that signed up could receive 160 pounds from the government for every 100 pounds they spent on fuels, such as wood pellets, burnt in biomass boilers. As people spotted the gains to be made, there was a surge in applications and costs spiralled.”

Judge Dismisses ‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Mohamed’s Lawsuit Against Conservatives, at ‘Clock Boy’s’ original story was fake news from the start. Obama even tried to push this Muslim backlash narrative. I guess if you can’t find real discrimination against Muslims, you make it up.


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Must Reads For The Week 1/7/17

January 7, 2017

Fake News? The Russians Did Not Hack The U.S Power Grid, at The Washington Post jumped the gun on this story. Did the phrase ‘Russians hack’ have anything to do with why they ran with this story?

Dan Rather Now Teaching Online Course: ‘Finding The Truth In The News‘, at Apparently he failed to ‘find the truth’ when he ran with the George W. Bush national guard story before the 2004 election.

Top Ex-White House Economist Admits 94% Of All New Jobs Under Obama Are Part Time, at Obamacare mandated that businesses provide health insurance to employees who worked over 29 hours a week. Do you think this created an incentive for businesses to create part-time jobs not exceeding 29 hours a week?

Obama Allows 4,2000 Bald Eagles To Die For Green Energy, by Andrew Follett, at I love it when leftists are forced to choose between competing values. You get to see what they actually think is important. In this case we know green energy is higher on Obama’s value scale than bald eagles. The good news for bald eagles is that they are above fossil fuels on Obama’s value scale. Of course everything is above fossil fuels on Obama’s value scale.

The Best History Of How We Got High Medical Prices And Obamacare, at You must watch this video to understand the history of Government intervention into the Healthcare System.


Suddenly Liberals Are Stockpiling Guns, Food and Supplies, at I hope this means we can all agree that the Federal Government in general and the Presidency in particular have too much power.

Ululating For “Safety”, at This could be from The Onion. Federal government regulators want to equip electric and hybrid cars with noise making devices so blind people will hear them and not walk out in front of them. I don’t recall ever hearing a story of a blind man getting hit by a hybrid or electric car. I have two questions. 1) How many blind people are there? 2) How many hybrid and electric cars are there? I don’t think the math adds up to a crisis situation.

Obama Brags About “Remarkable Progress” Of Past 8 Years, Data Paints A Slightly Different Picture, at Obama is bragging about job creation, more people having healthcare insurance and the U.S. not being dependent on foreign oil. 1) Look at the labor participation rate among eligible workers. 2) He fails to mention the astronomically higher premiums that people are paying. 3) We are producing more oil in spite of Obama. The American fracking industry is producing oil on private land because Obama wouldn’t allow fracking on government-owned land. This is how fake news originates. Obama can tell partial truths and never get fact checked by his supporters in the press. But don’t worry, this is about to change on January 20th. The press will start doing their constitutionally mandated job when Trump becomes President. And this is actually a good thing.


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Must Reads For The Week 12/24/16

December 24, 2016

Monday Humor? Obama Warns Trump On Use Of “Executive Orders” at The “pen and a phone” guy is telling Trump to do as I say not as I do. Quote from Obama: “Keep in mind, that my strong preference has always been to legislate when I can get legislation done. In my first two years I wasn’t relying on executive powers because I had big majorities in the Congress…..even after we lost the majorities…..I bent over backwards consistently to try to find compromise and a legislative solution to some of the big problems that we’ve got.”

Maine Gas Distributor Won’t Deliver To Trump Supporters, at This man has the right to do with his property as he wishes. If he doesn’t want to sell to a particular person, so be it. So explain to me why some bakers were forced out of business for not first producing and then selling a wedding cake to a gay couple. The wedding cake is a special order item, it didn’t exist at the moment the couple attempted to ordered it. When you go into a bakery and they are out of glazed doughnuts, can you force them to produce one for you? No one has a claim to the property of another individual. Except the IRS

Ivanka Trump Told By Artist To Take Their Work Down From Her Walls, at Am I missing something here. These artists don’t own these paintings. They created these paintings but they don’t own them. Ivanka owns them. If they don’t want them hanging on her walls they should offer to buy them back. Ivanka might sell them for double the price she paid for them.

Baby Boomers Increasingly Having Social Security Checks Garnished To Cover Student Loan Payments, at The government wants its payments from the debt serfs.

Equal Pay Day This Year Was April 12th. The Next Occupational Fatality Day Will Be On Feb. 19, 2027, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. Over 90% of the top 20 most dangerous occupations are filled by men. In 2015 there were 4454 men killed in fatal occupational injuries compared to 367 women. This doesn’t seem fair. What can be done to have a more equitable distribution of these deaths?

This chart from carpediemblog (here) shows the 20 most dangerous jobs.


Notice police and sheriff’s patrol officers are in 19th place, and fire fighters are not in the top 20. Should we call  people who are in the top 18 most dangerous occupations “heroes” for performing the jobs in the fields they freely decided to enter? Could these people also be considered “first responders”. Aren’t farmers, roofers, miners, refuse collectors etc responding to people’s demands?

Here Are Two Fake News Stories. Another Hijab Hoax: University Of Michigan Student Claimed Man Threatened To Set Her On Fire, by John Sexton, at And this. Police: Muslim Woman Made Up Story About Attack At The Hands Of A Trump Supporter, at Both presented with no comment.

Commuter-In-Chief: Obama Sets New Single-Day Clemency Record; More Than Previous 11 Presidents Combined, at I know no one is vetting people who come in to this country. Who is vetting the people Obama is letting out of prison?

It’s Going To Take Men With Guns To Stop The Suburban Deer Uprising, by John Davidson, at Deer are becoming a nuisance animal. The deer herd has to be reduced because the amount of damage the deer are causing.

Save The Snowflakes Testimonial, at