Must Reads For The Week 1/7/17

Fake News? The Russians Did Not Hack The U.S Power Grid, at The Washington Post jumped the gun on this story. Did the phrase ‘Russians hack’ have anything to do with why they ran with this story?

Dan Rather Now Teaching Online Course: ‘Finding The Truth In The News‘, at Apparently he failed to ‘find the truth’ when he ran with the George W. Bush national guard story before the 2004 election.

Top Ex-White House Economist Admits 94% Of All New Jobs Under Obama Are Part Time, at Obamacare mandated that businesses provide health insurance to employees who worked over 29 hours a week. Do you think this created an incentive for businesses to create part-time jobs not exceeding 29 hours a week?

Obama Allows 4,2000 Bald Eagles To Die For Green Energy, by Andrew Follett, at I love it when leftists are forced to choose between competing values. You get to see what they actually think is important. In this case we know green energy is higher on Obama’s value scale than bald eagles. The good news for bald eagles is that they are above fossil fuels on Obama’s value scale. Of course everything is above fossil fuels on Obama’s value scale.

The Best History Of How We Got High Medical Prices And Obamacare, at You must watch this video to understand the history of Government intervention into the Healthcare System.


Suddenly Liberals Are Stockpiling Guns, Food and Supplies, at I hope this means we can all agree that the Federal Government in general and the Presidency in particular have too much power.

Ululating For “Safety”, at This could be from The Onion. Federal government regulators want to equip electric and hybrid cars with noise making devices so blind people will hear them and not walk out in front of them. I don’t recall ever hearing a story of a blind man getting hit by a hybrid or electric car. I have two questions. 1) How many blind people are there? 2) How many hybrid and electric cars are there? I don’t think the math adds up to a crisis situation.

Obama Brags About “Remarkable Progress” Of Past 8 Years, Data Paints A Slightly Different Picture, at Obama is bragging about job creation, more people having healthcare insurance and the U.S. not being dependent on foreign oil. 1) Look at the labor participation rate among eligible workers. 2) He fails to mention the astronomically higher premiums that people are paying. 3) We are producing more oil in spite of Obama. The American fracking industry is producing oil on private land because Obama wouldn’t allow fracking on government-owned land. This is how fake news originates. Obama can tell partial truths and never get fact checked by his supporters in the press. But don’t worry, this is about to change on January 20th. The press will start doing their constitutionally mandated job when Trump becomes President. And this is actually a good thing.


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Political Cartoons by Henry Payne

Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson

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