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-What percent of the population is Neo Nazis, white supremacists, the KKK, anti fascists and communists? Not even 1%. These groups have no real power. They are repulsive to the other 99% or the population. The only way they can gain a platform is through the R and D political lens. A lens, through which, we have allowed both parties, and the media, to force us to see everything. Everything is spun politically. The parties and the media show the crazy fringe elements and try to attach these groups to the opposition party. When the parties place these fringe groups on the side of the other party they are playing a dangerous game because they are allowing these fringe groups to gain a measure of political relevance, negative relevance, but relevance non the less.

-If a tree falls in a forest and no one is their to hear it, does it make a sound? If no one would have shown up to protest against the protesters; or if the media wouldn’t have covered the protest, it would have been like no protest ever took place. No one would have known about it and no political relevance would have been gained by these groups.

-If you are an innocent protester, and the Neo Nazis you are marching against have helmets, sticks and shields, what would that tell you? Maybe you should get the heck out of there!

-If the Neo Nazis on the one side and the Antifa on the other side both have helmets, sticks and shields, what would that tell you? Maybe both sides were both looking for a fight. This is not how differences are addressed in America. This kind of stuff happens in third world countries.

-Neo Nazis, white supremacists, the KKK, anti fascists, communists, and socialists are all branches on the same ideological tree. They all want to use government force to implement their ideas. These groups are not for individual liberty and/or limited constitutional government.

-Why were the police not there to keep these two groups away from each other? All you had to do was look at each group to figure out they were going to fight.

-Do you think the media loved this or not? It fit their narrative that the D’s are good and R’s are racist. If you don’t think the media is biased I have a question. What was the narrative when Steve Scalise was shot by a Bernie Sanders supporter who specifically targeted Republicans practicing for a baseball game? Did the media paint the D’s as being the same as the shooter? Did the media call for Bernie Sanders to renounce the shooter? What would the narrative have been if a Trump supporter had targeted the Democrats practicing for a baseball game?

-No matter what Trump would have said, the D’s and the media would have called him a racist. If former President Obama had written Trumps comments, the D’s and the media would have still called him a racist. It is all politics.

-The reason everything is political is because politics is how petty tyrants get access to the government power needed to implement their vision. Identity politics is one of the main tools used in the political game. This only allows for government solutions to any perceived or real problem. The only way to get rid of battling factions is to make politics less important. And the only way to make politics less important is to shrink the size, scope and power of government. We have a lot of work to do because this will take time. 





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