Must Reads For The Week 12/22/18

Holiday Shopping? Consider The Most Economically efficient Gift Of All: Cash, And Avoid The Dead Weight Loss Of Christmas, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. How many gifts do you get that you never use? Do you have any gift cards that have a remaining balance that you will never use? You always use cash.

Price Controls Are The Wrong Prescription For High Drug Prices, by Dan Mitchell, at You can’t solve economic problems through the political process. Price controls never work economically. Though they may work politically.

Venezuela Didn’t Need High Oil Prices To Prosper Before Chavezism, by Jose Nino, at Government intervention into the market is the reason for Venezuela’s economic problems. It is not falling oil prices.

A Year After Net Neutrality’s Demise, The Internet Is Faster, by Philip Wegmann, at Freeing markets from intervention by government decision makers is what makes goods and services work better.

After A 2 Years Of Legal Battle, School Lets Student Pass Out US Constitutions, by Celine Ryan, at A win for free speech.

Pope: The Western World Has “Moral Responsibility” To Let In More Migrants, at Why does the Vatican have walls around it? Why doesn’t the Pope put his money where his mouth is by opening up the Vatican for migrants? Didn’t Jesus say: “Hypocrite! First remove the plank from your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.” This Pope has decided being a world politician is his role, instead of remaining faithful to his role as a shepherd of the people. His statements and his actions prove this.

Did #MeToo Cause The Death Of Company Holiday Parties? at The unintended consequences of political correctness. Or are they intended consequences?

Brand New Tesla Model S Spontaneously Combusts Twice, at Tesla is a politically correct battery powered car (even though the battery is charged by coal fired power plants). If Ford produced a gas powered car with the track record of the Tesla Model S,  the production of this car would be stopped by our Government. An investigation and probable lawsuit would be started.

Equal Pay Day’ This Year Was April 10th – The Next ‘Equal Occupational Fatality Day’ Will Be On May 3, 2029, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. Since men and women are different, women don’t seek employment in the most dangerous occupations. Men represented 92.5% of all work place deaths in 2017 compared to 7.5% for women. Is that fair? Yes because men and women are different.

WATCH: Cop Tries To Kill Innocent Unconscious Tee, Slamming His Face Into Curb – Jury Awards $6 Million, at I put this video on my site a few years ago. The incident happened in 2014. It is awful. In 2016 the cop was sentenced to 4 years in jail. Last week the victim was awarded $6 million. The wheels of justice grind slowly.

This Is The Video Police Didn’t Want You To See, Showing Cop Shoot At Dog, Kill Innocent Mom Instead, at This is a sad situation for everyone involved. Watch the whole video. I feel for the family and the cop. The only thing I can say is the cops training in the use of deadly force against a dog is flawed. But also you have to account for every shot you take. Concealed carry holders understand this.

The FBI Manufactured ‘302s’ Before Mueller, by Jack Cashill, at This is an interesting article about trusting the FBI.


Words Of Warning From Venezuela: Don’t Give Up Your Guns, at Our founding fathers gave us the Constitutional right to keep and bear arms in order to protect ourselves from the very government they created with the Constitution. All governments have the power to potentially become tyrannical.

Walgreens Employee With Concealed Carry Permit Fatally Shoots Armed Assailant Who Jumped The Counter, at Good guy with a gun stops a bad guy with a gun.

Trumps New ‘Bump Stock’ Ban Is A Legal Abomination, by Sean Davis, at This ban is unconstitutional.

Media Hype Questionable Gun Control Study, at John Stossel TV



‘Beware Of Trump: Keep Out’ Signs Placed Along Border, at

Libertarian Writes Letter To Santa Asking For Government Shutdown This Year, at

Trump Criticized For Breaking With Longstanding American Tradition Of Remaining In Middle Eastern Countries Indefinitely, at

Tragic: Evey Single Bump Stock In Nation Suddenly Lost In Boating Accident, at




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