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Must Reads For The Week 5/23/15

May 23, 2015
The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)


Electroloom Is a 3D Fabric Printer In The Making, by Natasha Lomas, at This is mind-blowing. Even when I watched the video of the 3D printer in action, I thought, what am I watching? The one question I had when I watched the video was; Why did they go to China to make Electroloom into a more usable product? Why couldn’t they do what they wanted to do here? Was Government regulations a reason they couldn’t finish there work here? I’m just asking, I don’t know why.

BioBots Is A 3D Printer For Living Cells, by Natasha Lomas, at BioBots can “build 3D living tissues and miniature human organs for research and pre-clinical screening, such as drug testing as a replacement for animal testing“. You can test on more complex human cells instead of less complex animal cells. A step forward to the possibility of 3D printing usable human organs.

Bocusini Will 3D Print Your Food Like A Fine Robotic Pastry Chef, by John Biggs, at The 3D printer uses small cartridges of chocolate, fudge, sugar, and marzipan, to create tasty small objects. I the day coming when you can fill the cartridges with some type of eatable food product that can be transformed to taste like your favorite meal.


Warning: Put Away All Sharp Objects!

Illinois, Chicago Run Out Of Options, Christine Williamson, Years of kicking the pension can down the road has finally caught up with politicians and bureaucrats.

Where Greeks Are Stashing Their Cash—German Cars, Not Mattresses, at When a currency is perceived to be loosing its value, people will not hold it. They will exchange it for goods. The Greeks are getting German cars, and the Germans are getting printed depreciating currency. It’s a something for nothing exchange.

School Cafeteria Food Fight: FLOTUS vs. Students, at Students are posting photos of their paltry lunches on social media. The US Department of Agriculture has decided to post photos to counter act the students photos. All I know is, you are not going to win a social media food fight with young people if you make it an, us against them scenario.

The Governments Message For Heavily Indebted Students: Don’t Pay Us Back, at The Federal Government takes over student loans. Than it hooks students into huge debt. Now it is taking the first steps to forgive the loan balances. Is this the start of Universal College Education, like Universal Health Care. Watch out tax payers.

Regulations Holding Back U.S. Energy Infrastructure Investment, by Mark J. Perry, at In New England, a pipeline shortage caused by unpredictable Government regulations, has led to significantly higher costs of electricity and natural gas. We’re shooting ourselves in the foot with over regulation.

Net Neutrality: Obama’s FCC Puts Internet, American Innovation At Risk, by George Gilder, at George Gilder knows about the economics of technology. This is ‘the’ must read of todays must reads.

DEA Strikes Again: Seize Mans Life Savings Under Civil Asset Forfeiture Without Charges, at This is a clear violation of the Fourth Amendment. How can this go on in America. This is the kind of thing that happened behind the iron curtain back in the day.

Why Minimum Wage Laws Are ‘Phased In’, (Hint: It’s An Attempt To Hide The Terrible Consequences). by Bryan Caplan, at Obamacare was and is being phased in like this. When consequences happen gradually, people don’t notice as much. Even though the end result is still the same: fewer jobs at the higher price.


Al Sharpton’s Daughter Suing NYC For $5 Million Over Ankle She Sprained On Soho Sidewalk, at She said the sprain left her in “permanent pain and mental anguish”. Who says kids don’t learn from their parents?


Must Reads For The Week 3/21/15

March 21, 2015
The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Mesmerizing 3-D Printer Forms Objects Out Of Ooze, And Fast, by Tim Moynihan, at The innovation in the field of 3D printing is amazing. Carbon3D’s Continuous Liquid Interface Production (CLIP) technology is mind-blowing. This technique is mush faster than printing an object layer by layer. The object actually grows out of a tray of resin. Watch the video below.


Solar Industry Fiascos Continue, at When Governments try to bring a technology forward before it’s time through tax breaks, tax subsidies, and tax payer backed loans, fraud is ultimately the result. When politicians and bureaucrats are handing out a big pile of tax payer money, there will be no shortage of con artists trying to get their hands on it. Government officials make bad venture capitalists, because they never have to pay the cost of their failures. Tax payers do.

Forget Oil, A Water Revolution Is About To Gusher In Texas, by James Stafford, at New desalination technology has lowered the cost of purifying water from $8 per barrel, to $1.50 to $2.00 per barrel.


Oakland’s Minimum Wage Hike Is Crushing Childcare Sector And The Domino Effect, at and Seattle’s New Minimum Wage Law Already Leading To Restaurant Closings And Job Losses, by Mark J. Perry, at These two articles show the “unintended” consequences of intervention by politicians and bureaucratic busy bodies.

The Robot Lobby Loves A Minimum Wage Hike, Consequences from Government intervention may actually be “intended”.

Oil Train Derailments In Canada Expose Folly Of Anti-Pipeline Movement, by Kenneth P. Green, at Environmentalists who have stopped the installation of oil pipelines, are responsible for more oil spills. Shutting down the pipeline doesn’t stop oil from being transported to refineries. More oil is being transported via rail and trucking which increases the chance of a spill. “Unintended” consequences?

German Court Places Nationwide Ban On Uber, at Government always tries to prop up the status quo. Government by its very nature is always tardy. It will always stand in the way of economic innovation that leads to the advancement of our standard of living. The recent passage of Net Neutrality by the FCC will eventually lead to regulations that will slow economic innovation. “Intended” or “unintended” consequences?

More Than 52,000 Canadians Left The Country For Medical Care In 2014, Bacchus Barua, at Government always produces a decreased supply of a lower quality product of service. The market produces an increased supply of a higher quality product of service. Obamacare will be no different from other socialist healthcare systems. “Unintended” or “intended” consequences?


Snowiest Place In America Copenhagen NY, at 21 feet of snow this winter in this upstate NY town. The pictures are amazing.

Students Attack Preacher Holding Anti-Abortion Sign, Cop Says Free Speech Has Limits On Campus, by Robby Soave, at The free speech door only swings in the direction of the progressive left.

Dear Gay Community: Your Kids Are Hurting, by Heather Barwick, at Heather Barwick’s perspective on being raised by her mom and her moms same-sex partner. This makes you think.

The Difference Between Going To High School In 1970 vs. 2015, Perfectly Expressed, by Steve Straub, at Younger people read this to see how much freedom you’ve lost. Older people read this and ask: How did we let this happen?

Nagging Wife Complains About Her Husband, Gets Unexpected Response, at I know this might come as a shock, but men and women think differently.



Must Reads For The Week 7/19/14

July 19, 2014
The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Home Depot Starts Selling 3-D Printers In Stores, at This technology will eventually change the way we do things in ways we can’t even imagine.

Amazon Asks Permission From FAA To Test Drone Delivery System, by David Streitfeld, at Another idea whose uses we have only scratched the surface of.

The EU’s Accelerating Unpopularity, by Giles Merritt, at People in European countries don’t like the idea of giving up their sovereignty. Each country in Europe has it’s own unique culture, and these cultural divides go back centuries and will probably never change. The bottom line is, they just don’t like each other. Even socialist countries only like to be told what to do by their socialists central planners not by other socialist central planners.

Reasons To Vote Democrat, by Ty Andros, at Unfortunately these can also apply to a majority of elected Republicans. Government will continue to grow and individual freedom will shrink, as long as both parties can get people to look at everything as a battle between the R’s and D’s they both win. The real battle, as it has always been is, can the individual keep his freedom, or will politicians, bureaucrats, and Government agents use their power to take it away. Until individuals understand that the freedom to succeed or fail on their own is their best interest, and voting for R and D promises of goodies and security, are the shackles they may never be able to escape once they put them on.

Mixed-Race Student Sues University, Says It Misled Her To Promote Racial Diversity, by Dominic Lynch, at I saw this at A tyrant is someone in a position of power who makes decision benefiting himself, at the expense of the person he has power over. This is an example of tyranny. I love the fact that this courageous young lady is fighting back. In order for us to beat back tyranny we have to fight it every where it occurs.

Young Boy Takes On City Council … And Wins, by Jordan Richardson, at This nine year old boy built a free library in his front yard for Mothers Day, and was ordered to tear it down by city officials in Leawood Kansas. He fought back and the city council approved a temporary measure to allow his free library. I hope he eventually wins. We have to fight back against tyranny at every turn. I saw this at

Senator Harry Reid Says The Southern Border Is Secure, by Oliver Darcy, at theblaze,com. Charles Krauthhammer questioned Senator Reids mental health after this comment. I’m not going to give Ried the mental health pass. This lie shows his contempt for we the people. With all due respect Senator Reid, “don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining“.

Nancy Pelosi Lies About Hobby Lobby Decision, Gets Corrected By Megyn Kelly, youtube video, Megyn Kelly does a great job explaining what the Hobby Lobby decision did and did not do. I disagree with her calling  Nancy Pelosi’s statement “misleading Hysteria”, I call it flat-out lying. Pelosi’s comments demonstrate why I loath politicians. With all due respect Mrs. Pelosi, “don’t piss down my back and tell me it’s raining“.

Watch This Optical Illusion. This is what goes on in my brain when I listen to Reid, Pelosi, McConnell, Boehner, or Obama speak.


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Must Reads For The Week 4/26/14

April 26, 2014


The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Markets In Everything: A 3D Printed Hand For Less Than $50, by Mark J. Perry, at This replaces a prosthetic arm that cost $42,000. If politicians really wanted health care to become “affordable”, they would have never passed the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare. Instead they would have repealed all laws regulating health care and health insurance. This would have allowed the market to simultaneously bring prices down while increasing the quality of healthcare. Obamacare will provide a longer wait for lower quality care at a higher price.

18 Spectacularly Wrong Apocalyptic Predictions Made Around The Time Of The First Earth Day In 1970, Expect More This Year, by Mark J. Perry, at Using climate science to predict the future of the earth, is just like using a persons palm to predict his future. Both are confidence games.

Video: Matt Rosendale Is A True Patriot, at Great political ad.

Courts Uphold Drivers’ Right To Tip Off Other Motorists To Police Speed Traps, at Cops say the purpose of speed traps is  traffic safety, not revenue enhancement. So shouldn’t they be happy that drivers are slowing down when they are flashed by on coming drivers.

Obama’s Green-Energy Boondoggles Leave The Tax Payer In Red, by Justin Sykes, at Quoting Robert Bradley Jr., “When government tries to pick winners and losers, it typically picks losers. Why? Because the free market consumers pick winners to leave the losers for government.”

Elderly Man Beaten By Police, by Lauren Pozen, at This man is being charged with assaulting a police officer, what did he do head butt the cop. This is another example of why you should take care of problems yourself instead of calling police.

BASE Jump From Worlds Tallest Building, by Skydive Dubai. No words necessary, just watch the video.

The Logical Progression Of “Public Accomodation”, by Jim Fedako, at Excerpt from the article, “… those who cheer the growth of government when it abuses someone else need to realize that what goes around, comes around…Ludwig von Mises noted that either negative rights to person and property are enforced or we are on the slope to slavery: there is no middle way. Think you can pick a stopping point mid-slide? Good luck. The guy riding the slide in front of you is waxing away.”



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Must Reads For The Week 9/14/13

September 14, 2013
The pen is mightier than the sword...

The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

3D Printing Is The Future, at The creative destruction of the market is on full display.

Global Cooling Arctic Ice Caps Grows By 60% In A Year, by David Rose, at I found this at Carpe Diem Blog. Once again the man made global warming believers are wrong.

EU Exploring Scheme To Install Speed-Limiting Devices In Cars, by Alex Newman, at I saw this on I know, “This can’t happen here”, or can it? Watch the video in the link below before you answer.

Mandatory Black Boxes, VIDEO: Fox News, at It most certainly can happen here.

Help Kick Start World War Three, at Send in a donation to support the funding of world war III.

Video: Karl Marx Endorsed By Obama As Next President, by Mark Dice. Is this video funny or depressing?

Here’s Why You Think Price Inflation Is Much Higher Than What The Government Says, at When the Government doesn’t count energy and food in their Consumer Price Index, of course inflation isn’t bad.