Must Read “Leftovers”

Prop F: You Can Do Anything In Your Bedroom But Rent It, by Debra Saunders, at Two individuals can voluntarily choose to cooperate when it comes to a payment for use of property. But government is a third-party kibitzer that has the power to interfere in their voluntary exchange.

Democrats Argue That Requiring A Birth Certificate (or similar document) Is An Undue Burden On People’s Ability To Vote. Will They Soon Make That Challenge For Little League Sports, at You need a birth certificate to register to school, obtain a drivers license, a marriage license, a pass port, a social security card. Why shouldn’t it be required to vote?

The Benefits Of Carbon Dioxide, by Matt Ridley, at Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant. It is plant food. Photosynthesis is the process where plants take in carbon dioxide, water and sunlight and produce sugars for the plant and oxygen as a waste product. We breath in the plants waste product (oxygen), and breath out carbon dioxide (plant food).

Two Dozen States Sue Obama Over Coal Plant Emission Rules, by Timothy Cama, at States are pushing back against the regulatory authority of the Federal Government.

John Stossel – Rule Breakers vs. The Regulatory State, from

A Major Union Just Expanded Its Battle For A $15:00 Minimum Wage, at Excerpt from the article; “The higher minimum wage laws prevent non-union workers to compete for jobs based on price. It is a government-run protection racket for those who are able to get union jobs, at the expense of outsiders.

The 10 Jobs That Attract The Most Psychopaths, at I have no comment on this.


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