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Must Reads For The Week 5/14/16

May 14, 2016

8th-Grader Investigated For Forgery After Using $2 Bill , at When a girl tried to pay for lunch using a 2 dollar bill, school officials confiscated the bill, said it was fake, and sent her to the police office. The officer said she could be in big trouble. Why would these “authorities” think that anyone would counterfeit a 2 dollar bill? If someone was going to counterfeit money, wouldn’t you think they would get more bang for their buck, so to speak, by picking a higher denomination bill? Also when you see a 2 dollar bill, doesn’t it catch your eye because you don’t see one that often? Why would someone counterfeit something that brings that much scrutiny? I wish the Fed would have gotten this much scrutiny for printing trillions of dollars over the last ten years.

Wyoming Welder, Facing $16M Fines, Beats EPA In Battle Over Stock Pond, at Andy Johnson obtained a state permit to build a stock pond on his land in 2012. After it was constructed, the EPA claimed he needed the agencies permission to build it. The Pacific Legal Foundation represented Mr. Johnson in his fight against the EPA. The federal government has agreed to resolve the case. When the full force of the Federal government is used against individuals, organizations like Pacific Legal Foundation are their only chance to fight back, because the monetary cost is so high. This is just another example of tyrannical individuals using the power of their position in government.

Increase in CO2 Is Literally Making The Planet Greener,at Who would have thought that increasing the amount of plant food would increase plant growth? Maybe CO2 isn’t really a pollutant, even though the EPA says it is.

Ohio Cities Pre-Sale Home Inspections Unconstitutional, at This is tyranny at the local level. Some Ohio cities are attempting to collect inspection fees and impose fines by mandating inspections on home sales. This is a warrantless search and is therefore unconstitutional.

How Uber And Lyft Were Driven Out Of Austin, at The taxi cartel and special interests colluded with local government to protect their monopoly status. Only government has the power to stop individuals from entering the market. Monopolies can’t exist in a free market. Monopolies are created by Government forcing competitors out of the market. Just another example of government tyranny.

Uber Ends Ride-Sharing Service In Sweden, at  Swedish central planners force out Uber. Uber said “Sweden needs a modern and clearer regulatory framework for the emerging sharing economy.” Actually Sweden is a modern socialist state. What Uber needs is old-fashioned free market capitalism, not the modern day crony socialist or crony capitalist system that exist in todays world.

Raw Venezuela: Looters Burned Alive, While Streets Filled With People Killing Animals For Food, at Here is your socialist paradise. I know all you Bernie (and Hillary) supporters think that the only reason socialism didn’t work in Venezuela is because the right tyrants people weren’t in charge of centrally planning the Venezuelan economy. Planning an economy might be a little more difficult than just promising free stuff. Who is going to produce all the free stuff that you want to give away?

Obama Lawsuit Against N.C. Isn’t About Civil Rights. It’s About Crushing Dissent, at You never let a serious (or not so serious) crisis go to waste. The President’s Justice department is using the power of the Federal Government to force a one size fits all decision onto 300 plus million Americans. This is simple. Allow property owners to make the decisions on their bathroom policy. Allow state and local governments along with schools to make their own bathroom policies. The Federal government should not be sticking their nose into the business of the people and the states. Tenth Amendment anyone.

What Could Have Possibly Raised Your Costs”, Hillary Clinton Can’t Answer Why Obamacare Costs Are Soaring, at I thought we all knew that adding another layer of Government bureaucracy and regulations to an industry that already had massive bureaucratic and regulatory intervention wasn’t going to bring the cost down. The only question was how would the blame for the increased cost be shifted away from the government and on to the private sector.

California Tax Revenues Miss Projections By $1 Million As Residents Flee The State, at At some point people decide the cost of staying in California is greater than the benefit of remaining there. Think of how bad it would have to be for most people to make the decision to leave their state and settle somewhere else? Government regulation and taxes have consequences.




Must Read “Leftovers”

October 27, 2015

Prop F: You Can Do Anything In Your Bedroom But Rent It, by Debra Saunders, at Two individuals can voluntarily choose to cooperate when it comes to a payment for use of property. But government is a third-party kibitzer that has the power to interfere in their voluntary exchange.

Democrats Argue That Requiring A Birth Certificate (or similar document) Is An Undue Burden On People’s Ability To Vote. Will They Soon Make That Challenge For Little League Sports, at You need a birth certificate to register to school, obtain a drivers license, a marriage license, a pass port, a social security card. Why shouldn’t it be required to vote?

The Benefits Of Carbon Dioxide, by Matt Ridley, at Carbon Dioxide is not a pollutant. It is plant food. Photosynthesis is the process where plants take in carbon dioxide, water and sunlight and produce sugars for the plant and oxygen as a waste product. We breath in the plants waste product (oxygen), and breath out carbon dioxide (plant food).

Two Dozen States Sue Obama Over Coal Plant Emission Rules, by Timothy Cama, at States are pushing back against the regulatory authority of the Federal Government.

John Stossel – Rule Breakers vs. The Regulatory State, from

A Major Union Just Expanded Its Battle For A $15:00 Minimum Wage, at Excerpt from the article; “The higher minimum wage laws prevent non-union workers to compete for jobs based on price. It is a government-run protection racket for those who are able to get union jobs, at the expense of outsiders.

The 10 Jobs That Attract The Most Psychopaths, at I have no comment on this.