Thomas Sowell: Random Thoughts

Thomas Sowell

Here are some of Thomas Sowell’s recent Random Thoughts (click here). Dr. Sowell’s greatest gift is he always makes us think.

-“It is astonishing that some people think that the answer to the problems of ObamaCare is to go to a “single payer” system. But “single payer” is just another way of saying “government monopoly.” does anyone pay attention to how government monopolies operate – from the local DMV to Veterans Administration hospitals?

-“Politics has turned the lofty ideal of equality into the ugly reality of resentments of other people’s achievements – and a feeling that the world owes you something, while you owe nobody anything, not even common decency.”

-“Why  should the fate of the economy depend on the guesswork of the Federal Reserve – and the guesswork of the stock market about what the Federal Reserve will guess?”

“Politicians have learned to call their spending of the taxpayers’ money “investment, ” even when it is just pouring money down a bottomless pit, in order to win votes from the recipients.”

-“Hillary Clinton has performed the verbal magic of turning her years of repeated disastrous decisions in foreign policy into a political asset called “experience.

-“The political left’s hatred of Donald Trump is ironic, because both he and they have the same pattern of automatic demonizing of those who disagree with their views, rather than confronting opposing arguments with hard evidence or convincing logic.

“Have we reached the ultimate stage of absurdity where some people are held responsible for things that happened before they were born, while other people are not held responsible for what they themselves are doing today?

-“If the media seriously wanted to report the news – instead of spinning it – they could stop calling rioters “protesters” and stop calling terrorists “militants.”

“Each political party has picked a loser this year. Unfortunately, one of them is going to win, and then the whole country can lose, big time.

-“One of the mysteries of the ages is why the political left has, for centuries, lavished so much attention on the well-being of criminals and paid so little attention to their victims.”

“The monumental tragedies of the 20th century – a world-wide Great Depression, two devastating World Wars, the Holocaust, famines killing millions in the soviet Union and tens of millions in China – should leave us with a sobering sense of the threats to any society. But this generation’s ignorance of history leaves them free to be frivolous – until the next catastrophe strikes, and catches them completely by surprise.”


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