This blog tries to show you that even though economics can be complex and difficult to understand, each of us acts using economic principles, without even realizing it. When we start to understand the economic principles behind what happens to us every day, we see how the world works much more clearly. The founders of the “Austrian School” of economics were from Austria, hence the name. Carl Menger, Fredrich von Wieser, and Eugene von Bohm-Bawerk were the three men who founded Austrian economics in the latter half of the 1800’s. Ludwig von Mises  and F.A. Hayek, the two more well known Austrian’s came along in the 1900’s, along with Murray Rothbard, a student of Mises, are who I consider the three legs of the Austrian school. The Mises Instute was founded to advance Austrian Economics and Liberty, and is thee one stop learning center for all things economic.

Please enjoy and please give me feed back. Challenging ideas is the only way we can find the truth.


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