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The Gun Debate

October 13, 2015

This video from shows the anti-gun crowd the secret on How To Create A Gun-Free America In 5 Easy Steps. I can’t believe Austin Bragg from Reason is helping the gunphobes in their quest to rid us of gun violence.

1) Elect 2/3rds of Congress who agree with you

2) Have them vote a proposed constitutional amendment that repeals the 2nd amendment.

3) Convince 38 State legislatures to ratify your amendment.

4) Have congress pass a law signed by the President that outlaws guns.

5) Have the police, the FBI, and the ATF confiscate 350 million guns from citizens who would probably not be willing to comply with the new law.

The cost of implementing the 5 steps is very high. This is why the anti-gun people will use political means, executive orders, and friendly courts to try to implement there anti-gun ideology.


Here is an article titled 7 Gun Control Myths That Just Won’t Die, by Sean Davis, at Mr. Davis takes apart some myths that the anti-gun crowd likes to assert when attempting to convince people their side is right. Here are a few myths from the article.


“Do armed civilians stop mass shooters?” the liberal magazine Mother Jones asked in 2012. “Actually, no.”

“Mother Jones justified its assertion by citing its own analysis that of the 62 mass shootings between 1982 and 2012, not one was stopped by a civilian with a gun. Shocking, right? Not really, once you consider the logical fallacy underlying the Mother Jones claim.”

“The fact of the matter is that shootings that happen in an area where concealed carriers can immediately respond don’t generally become mass shootings. It’s a bit like saying locked doors and alarms don’t prevent burglaries by only citing burglaries that happened in buildings with no locked doors or alarms as proof of your thesis. It’s no coincidence that so many mass shootings happen in areas declared to be “gun-free zones” by authorities.”

“Instances of concealed carriers stopping shooters in their tracks are too numerous to count. Here are just a few examples found from a few seconds of Googling.”

July 27, 2015:

April 20, 2015:

September 22, 2015:

“Concealed carriers can’t be expected to stop every shooting, just as police can’t be expected to prevent all crime. It is a fact, though, that concealed carriers regularly put an end to violent shootings”


“This trope is a popular one among gun control advocates who imagine themselves as strict constructionists when it comes to Constitutional interpretation. Piers Morgan, the failed CNN host and British tabloid editor accused of hacking into celebrity voicemails in search of tabloid gossip, is the foremost advocate of the notion that the Second Amendment protects only the rights of Americans to carry muskets:”

“As Carol Roth noted, the refusal of the Founding Fathers to precisely name the types of arms which citizens have a right to keep and bear was intentional. The same can be said of their refusal to constrain our right of free expression to quill pens and bulky printing presses. The Second Amendment protects our right to own handguns just like the First Amendment protects our right to criticize the government using the Internet.”


Politicians on the left will use every crisis to advance their anti-gun ideology, and politicians on the right will defend their pro-gun ideology against the attacks of the anti-gun left.

The one side is attacking a right that each individual has to protect himself. This right was not given by our Government, it predated our Constitutional Republic. Our Constitution puts shackles on our Government, when it comes to Government infringing on the right of each individual to keep and bear arms. Our founders gave individuals this right so they could protect themselves from Government force. Our founders were going to be the people who were in these seats of power. They didn’t trust themselves, why would we trust our present day politicians who are so far removed from our founders understanding of tyranny.

This political dance will continue with no ground being won or conceded by either side. Nothing will happen until the first four steps in the video above are accomplished. Then the s+*# will hit the fan when Government tries to implement step 5.

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