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Photos Of The President Skeet Shooting?

February 6, 2013
Shooting (Trap and Skeet)

Shooting (Trap and Skeet) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The photos in this article, at Economicpolicyjournal titled The White House Warns Against Photoshopping Obama But The Internet Can’t Help Itself, are a must see because they are funny, and you must read some of the comments by the readers, they are priceless.

When the ruling elite continually take away people’s rights, and also take their property through taxation, all the while demeaning them during the whole process, how could they think that people wouldn’t respond exactly how they’ve responded. I laughed when I saw the original photo of the president “shooting clay birds”, because I’ve seen the President throw a baseball and shoot a basketball. He doesn’t have to worry about turning in his man card, because he was never given one in the first place.

Watch Marine Cpl. Nick Kimmel, throw out a first pitch, contrast and compare.