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Let’s Take A “Serious” Look At Conspiracy Theories.

March 27, 2013

Let’s take a break and laugh at ourselves concerning conspiracy theories. Many of us fall into the trap of thinking their has to be complex explanations for everything. Many times there are simple explanations for complex situations. The simple fact that the earth is tilted on its axis explains why the seasons change. Seasonal change sets in motion complex processes from photosynthesis to bird migration.

Always remember correlation is not causation.

Luke’s Change: An Inside Job (view here)


This Star Wars conspiracy theory video is really funny. But let’s also understand that many people try to discredit arguments that they can’t refute with logic and facts, by labeling the person who puts forth the argumentĀ  a “conspiracy theorist”. The red flag should always go up when the person is being attacked, instead of his argument beingĀ  answered.