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Bias In The Unbiased Mainstream Media

May 12, 2016

I was talking to my friend, an admitted liberal (not the classic liberal, but the modern-day liberal), about main stream media bias. He didn’t think there was media bias. When I told him that over 80% of journalists vote for democrats, he still didn’t think that made a difference in their reporting. I asked him; if 80 plus percent of journalists thought like me, would the news be reported differently? He said yes it would be reported differently. I said I guess in his unbiased opinion, only liberal journalists can be unbiased observers.

Human beings have a bias toward their particular world view. Since journalists are human beings, they are biased. There is nothing wrong with admitting it. Full disclosure of a journalists world view should be mandatory. It would help people handicap the stories they read from biased journalists.

Most of the bias is not just what they write. A bigger part of a journalists bias is what he leaves out of a story, or what story he decides not to report. Sins of commission and omission so to speak.

Here are a few recent articles that show blatant journalistic malpractice. Of course I’m only putting in the stories that favor my view that journalists are biased.

I pull back the curtain, you decide what to think about what you see.


Ben Rhodes Reveals How Obama Duped America On Dangerous Iran Deal, by David Reaboi, at Even this headline missed the main point of the story. It should read “…How Obama Duped A Complicit American Media Into Carrying The Water On Iran Deal”. Politicians trying to push their narrative through the press isn’t anything new. Unfortunately the narrative gets no scrutiny when a Democrat is doing the spinning as compared to a Republican. I’m not here to defend Republicans. All I wish is that Journalists would treat all politicians like they treat Republicans. I just want a level playing field (Did I just say that. Please shoot me.) I want every politician and bureaucrat to be treated as if they are lying every time they open their mouths.

Former Facebook Workers:We Routinely Suppress Conservative News, at Facebook workers, in the “trending” news section, are dictating what news items 167 million Facebook users in The U.S. have access to at any given moment. I thought this listing of news stories was generated by an unbiased algorithm?

Sheriff Rips Media For Concocting A Racial Narrative Into Crime Report, at Here is a sin of omission. A 17-year-old black male is arrested for sexting. The media story makes it seem like there was racial overtones in his arrest. CBS affiliate KSLA in Shreveport failed to mention that a 16-year-old white female was  arrested, pertaining to the same case, before the black male. Sheriff Julian Whittington held a press conference and called KSLA on the carpet for their bias. In my opinion, this story fit the world view of the journalists. It confirmed their bias, and they went with it.

This kind of action by journalists has happened too many times in the past to simply be considered an isolated mistake and swept under the rug. There is a pattern here. Do you remember the George Bush National Guard Story, The Duke Lacrosse Case, Trevon Martin, The Cambridge Police Acting Stupidly, Hands Up Don’t Shoot, The UVA Rape Case, just to name a few off the top of my head. A wise man once said “trust but verify”.  I say verify and remain skeptical.


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