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“Must Read” Leftovers

March 31, 2015

How Much Formal Education Do Americans Get, at

It seems that as formal education (brain washing) has increased over the last 70 years, individual liberty has decreased. Correlation or causation?

Congresswomen Eleanor Holmes Norton Attempts To Park Her Car?

1) You can’t be this bad at driving and not know it, can you?  2) How could the guy helping her let this happen? 3) We get the leaders we deserve!


Environmental Guy

Jim Carrey does a caricature of an environmentalist. This is from one of my favorite shows, In Living Color, which aired back in the early 90’s. This is really funny because it is true.


Matt Ridley: “Fossil Fuels Will Save The World, by Mark J. Perry, at CarpeDiemBlog. Wind accounts for 1% of the worlds energy consumption, and solar accounts for less than 1%. Carbon Based fuels aren’t going anywhere until the cost per kilowatt hour of “green energy” is lower than the cost per kilowatt hour for fossil fuels.

Top Ten Reasons Bacon Is Actually HEALTHY For You, at Just like Global Warming believers, I was looking to confirm my bias that bacon is good for you, and I found it. I think we can now say that the science is “settled” on bacon being good for you. If you don’t agree with this settled bacon science, you are a bacon denier.