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Must Reads For The Week 1/25/14

January 25, 2014
The pen is mightier than the sword...

The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

Teen Employment And The Minimum Wage Over 60 Years, by Mark J. Perry, at The chart in this post shows the decline of teen employment after minimum wage increases.

With Paperless Ticket, Ticketmaster Owns Your Ticket, Not You, by Mark J. Perry, at Just another case of crony capitalism. If Government hadn’t usurped the power to legislate in these areas, businesses wouldn’t try to lobby politicians to make laws that hurt competitors to these businesses.

Chasing The Dream Of Half-Price Gasoline From Natural Gas, by Kevin Bullis , at I got here from Unlike  solar, wind, and ethanol , this company will succeed or fail on their own, without being subsidised by our tax dollars. Government didn’t pick this winner, but it sure subsidised those other losers.

Fish Who Are Almost Glad To Be Caught In The Net, at Since the war on poverty started in the 60’s, more and more people have been caught in the net of Government assistance, whether it’s people on food stamps or crony capitalists receiving subsidies.

Moody’s Downgrades Health Insurers Over Obama Care Uncertainty, at Central planners always assure us that their plans will work in order to get us to go along with these plans. Unfortunately the certain uncertainty of the real world always gets in the way of their ability to bring about the certain utopian world that is just around the corner. If individuals would just act as the planners want them to, all problems would be solved. Unfortunately for the planners, and fortunately for liberty, individuals act, well, like individuals, which is why central planners are for the power of the state circumventing the rights of the individual.

Pope Tells Davos Attendees To Go Socialist, at The Pope is ignorant about how wealth comes about. It doesn’t just magically appear and then someone decides how it shall be dealt out . Wealth is produced it is not distributed. He needs to read F.A. Hayek”s book. Prices and Production, before he pontificates about anything economic.

Google Glass Wearer Interrogated, Removed From Easton Movie Theater, by Allison Manning, at The police state is getting out of hand.

Parents Call Cops For Help, Cops Shoot Their Nonviolent Schizophrenic Son Dead, by Kristen Tate, at Just another example off our of control police. Here is a suggestion, don’t call the cops try to take care of the situation yourself, you might get a better result.