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Observations From The Margin

April 30, 2014
Observation Tower

Observation  (Photo credit: mooglet)

The Federal Reserve electronically prints counterfeit money and loans it to member banks at zero percent interest. These banks purchase guaranteed investments, like U.S. T Bills, with this counterfeit money. When the bonds mature, they pocket the interest and pay back the borrowed counterfeit money. Why can’t you or I get a $100 million dollar loan from the Fed at zero percent interest, purchase 5 year U.S. T Bills at 1.6% interest, and after they mature, pocket $1.6 million after paying back the $100 million? Better yet, why can’t you or I counterfeit $100 million dollars, go through the above process, keep the $1.6 million of interest and burn the $100 million we counterfeited? Better yet, why can’t you or I just skip the 5 year process and counterfeit $1.6 million and use it immediately? The simple answer is, counterfeiting is theft and theft is illegal, except when the Fed counterfeits, then it’s legal. The truth is counterfeiting results in theft whether it’s legal or illegal.

This article titled, Alaskan P0lar Bears Threatened…By Too Much Spring Ice, leaves me scratching my head. I thought polar bears were threatened by melting sea ice because of global warming. Apparently if the ice is too thick, ringed seals, which are the polar bears favorite meal, can’t create the breathing holes they need to survive the frigid winter. The male seals mysteriously arrive in the early spring for the purpose of breeding, which is curiously about the same time the female polar bears are emerging from their maternity dens with their cubs, having not eaten for six months. So should I be for global cooling or global warming?

I read a story about 40 veterans dying after the VA¬† put them on a secret waiting list for the purpose of making the VA wait list times look better. Bureaucrats at the Government run VA decided that looking competent, as opposed to being competent, was more valuable to them than the lives of these veterans. Welcome to Government run healthcare. This is an example of death panels, and what we can look forward to as Obamacare is incrementally forced upon us. Death panels are nothing more than third-party bureaucratic decisions makers making trade offs under a different set of incentives and constraints than the patient and the doctor normally operate under. No one should be surprised by this, unless you are a true believer in the government’s ability to create a utopian world.

The EPA is going to regulate the greenhouse gases emitted when cows burp and fart (read here). I was very sceptical when I heard about this because I thought it was probably a parody from The Onion. I searched The Onion for any article about cow farts and there were none. Sometimes you can’t even make this stuff up.

The FDA is getting its regulatory foot in the door concerning E-Cigarettes. Health advocates and their puppets in congress want the FDA to go farther. But they shouldn’t worry, we all know this is the first goose step of many more goose steps to come. E-Cigs are a safe way for people who are addicted to nicotine to get their fix while reducing the chance of cancer. Shouldn’t the FDA and the CDC be promoting this safer way to inhale nicotine? Don’t cities and counties across the US have needle exchange programs? Isn’t the purpose of these programs to reduce the chances of getting HIV or hepatitis C while the addict enjoys the drug of his choice. Government prohibits safe addiction on the one hand, and promotes safe addiction on the other. What am I missing here?