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Must Reads For The Week 2/24/18

February 26, 2018


FBI Tipster Transcript Leaked: Cruz Will “Get Into A School And Shoot the Place Up”: Full Text, at No investigative action was taken from the agency that tells us, “if you see something say something”.

“There Was A Mistake Made” – FBI’s No. 2 Refuses To Provide Details On How Cruz Tips Were Fumbled, at This is an example of Government failure.

Officer’s Hesitation To Stop Shooting Fits A Pattern Of Police Cowardice, at the Armed school resource officer didn’t try to enter school to stop shooter. Government failure? Excerpt from the article: “It’s a lot easier to police good people than bad ones. That’s why police …….want to take law-abiding citizens’ guns instead of to go after criminal…..Scaring dopey teens and banning AR-15s is easy. Following up on truly dangerous people, building a case about their mental health, getting the evidence a judge needs to act, that’s hard work. So is going into a building where shots are being fired. Cops aren’t heroes for doing “easy”. They are heroes – and most of them are – for doing the hard stuff.”

“Shocked And Outraged”: Four Broward Deputies Waited Outside School As Children Were Massacred, at Government failure anyone? Four officers from the Broward County Sheriff department failed to enter the building when they arrived on the scene. And people are blaming the NRA?

Guns And Schools: Can The Market Do Better? by Jeff Deist, at Why do people look to Government first when they want “solutions” to “problems”. Government doesn’t provide the incentives to come up with a solution, a trade-off or the tolerable best that can be accepted. Individuals in Government aren’t incentivized to “solve” problems. They need the problem to exist for the simple fact that they can use it for their political benefit. People need to understand that these problems could be dealt with best by allowing each school system to implement their ideas for making their schools safe? Excerpt from the article: There are no top-down political solutions available from Washington. Gun control doesn’t actually prevent crime, but it does provide the political class and media with another diversionary bitter cultural debate. Americans are deeply divided on guns, just as they are deeply divided on abortion and climate change and scores of other issues. And why should we expect otherwise, in a far-flung country of 320 million people with wildly diverse geographies, economies, and cultures? ….. Contrary to popular belief, the Second Amendment neither “federalized” gun laws nor created a right to private ownership of firearms. It simply enshrined the notion that “the people” need to be armed to defend themselves potentially against the state itself.

Security Works At Disney – But Can’t Work At A Public School? by Ryan McMaken, at Excerpt from the article: “Those places (private sector) that actually value the safety and quality-of-experience for the people present have a much different attitude about security than public schools do. And, no doubt, part of the reason that public schools and their supporters can continue to get away with their dismissive attitude toward real security is because no matter how many shooting take place on school property, the schools are never held legally accountable. It’s much easier for the counties and the school boards to shrug and say “there’s not enough money.

6 Reasons Your Right-Wing Friend Isn’t Budging On Gun Control, at Excerpt from the article: “Second Amendment advocates truly view owning a firearm as an intrinsic right and a must to preserve liberty. It has nothing to do with hunting. It has nothing to do with hobbies……..So many gun control advocates are begging for a conversation on this issue, and it’s unfortunate they don’t see the Second Amendment advocates as willing to engage. I find it hard to have an honest and vulnerable conversation about a deeply held right when the starting point is often challenging my motives while coming from a place of ignorance on firearms. If you’re really looking to win over your gun-loving friend, try reading up on firearms, dumping anti-NRA talking points, and assume he or she is equally committed to preventing these evil acts.


Pennsylvania Supreme Court Pulls Stunning Coup In Map Drawing Stunt, by Kyle Sammin, at The Pennsylvania Supreme Court usurped the power of the legislature with this ruling concerning the drawing of congressional districts. Courts are not legislative bodies.

CalPERS Is Near Insolvency; t Needs A Bailout Soon” – Former Board Member Makes Stunning Admission, at California’s public pension program isn’t going to be able to fulfill its promises to retired workers. This is another example of Government having no incentive to fight the public unions when it comes to increasing benefits. Years of caving to unions has brought California’s pension program to the brink of insolvency. At some point someone will have to give something up. Do you want to bet it will be the tax payer?

In An Unexpected Twist, Judge In Flynn Case Asks Mueller For “Exculpatory Evidence“, at  Another example of government abuse of power. The special counsel is supposed to turn over all of its evidence to attorneys for the  defendant. Even evidence that doesn’t help the prosecutions case. They didn’t turn it over before Flynn plead guilty. This is an example of tyrants using the power of government to get the outcome they want.

Scandal, Corruption, And Law Breaking – And So What, by Victor Davis Hanson, at The breakdown of the rule of law starts with Government. This is an example of individuals in government operating illegally. People don’t respond well to being told to follow the law when the people telling them are breaking the law. This never ends well.


Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez



Must Reads For The Week 3/7/15

March 7, 2015
The pen is mightier than the sword...

 The pen is mightier than the sword… (Photo credit: mbshane)

DOJ: Wilson Won’t Be Charged In Ferguson Fatal Shooting, at I put emotion aside, and look at these shootings involving police, strictly from the evidence involved. We knew early on, the evidence in the Ferguson case backed up the cops story. That didn’t stop people like AG Holder and the President from fanning the racial flames that sparked the riots in Ferguson. This week AG Holder and his DOJ couldn’t even spin the evidence enough to charge the officer, officer Wilson was exonerated. This is why I hate politics, the high cost of trying to own a particular issue is paid by people (those who were looted or vandalized in the riots) who are in no way involved. The cost of playing political games is more than just taxes and regulations.

Caught On Tape: LAPD Guns Down Homeless Man In Broad Daylight, at Here is a video of LA cops shooting a man they have on the ground. It happened this week, and watching the video, it looks bad. I know that we are second guessing split second decisions, but the guy was on the ground with five cops on top of him. Let’s wait and see if more evidence comes to light about this shooting.

Charges Crumble after Cell Phone Video Uncovered, at This story is why we should not trust people who have the ability to wield power over us. Just because people become “public servants” doesn’t mean they give up the human trait of self-interest. In fact they may have craved positions of power for the very purpose of using it to impose their superior wisdom on we the ignorant masses.

Texas Town Sees 61% Drop In Crime After Kicking Out Cops, at Most people today can’t even imagine how society would work without police to enforce laws. Sharpstown Tx. has contracted with the private security firm, SEAL Security Solutions, to supply security for their town. Crime has gone down and they have saved $200,000 by going private.

Hillary Clinton Created Multiple Private E-Mail Accounts, at The break down of the rule of law starts when our “leaders” violate the law. This is just another example of lawlessness by bureaucrats and politicians. She will not be held accountable to the law even though she broke the law. This particular situation isn’t the start us going down this road, it is just another mile marker we have passed along the road.

1996 Called. Wants Its Clinton Fundraising And Documents Scandals Back, at The private e-mail lawbreaking isn’t anything new when it comes to the Clintons. Most young people don’t remember all the scandals during the 90’s. This is standard operating procedure for the Clintons. Read: Hillary And Benghazi: Call In The Cleaners.

Top Senate Republican Tells States To Not Draft Plans To Cut Carbon Dioxide From Power Plants, at Senator McConnell is trying to get States to do the work he doesn’t have the stones to do. Hey Mitch, here’s an idea, defund the EPA or get rid of it. Congress created this agency in 1970 giving up their congressional power of legislation to unelected bureaucrats. Congress has power over this agency. Stand up and do something about it. Maybe standing up to Big Government is a job that Americans won’t do. Although I do agree that states should be standing up against federal government mandates. Too many laws leads to the break down of the rule of law.

Customers Save A San Francisco Bookstore, At Least For Now, at Raising the minimum wage was going to force Borderland Books to close its doors. If they could get 300 customers each to buy a $100 one-year sponsorship they could stay open. I don’t think this is a very good business model, but if it is voluntary, I don’t have a problem with it. Do the sponsors know that they will be asked to do this again next year? Do the sponsors know the minimum wage increase is the reason they have to pay to keep the store open? How many sponsors were in favor of the minimum wage ordinance?