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Must Reads For The Week 11/4/17

November 5, 2017

King Of The Washington Swamp This Month? Big Ethanol. by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. These ethanol mandates reduce fuel mileage, increase the cost of a gas, shortens engine life and increase pollution. So why is ethanol still mandated? Ask Republican Senators Grassley and Ernst of Iowa. They are protecting their self interest at the expense of the rest of us.

Insider Trading Inc: Beat The Market, Work For The SEC, at Are government employees of the Securities and Exchange Commission benefiting from their knowledge of which companies are going be investigated? It must be one of the perks of being a “public servant”.

Victory IRS Admits Tea Party, Other Conservative Groups Were Targets During Obama Era, by Jay Sekulow, at Why wasn’t this a bigger story? Because we the people forget after six plus years of this mess. A balloon can’t burst when there is no air left in it. The air in this balloon was gradually released over time because bureaucratic insiders working for government agencies can deny deny deny, use every legal tactic to delay complying with judges orders, have the ability to fight using unlimited taxpayer funded resources and benefit from the Obama administration and the media propagandizing for them. It pays to be an insider backed by the force of government.

How Defense-Contractor CEOs Get Rich On The Taxpayers’ Dime, by William D. Hartung, at There is waste and corruption whenever there is a pile of taxpayer money to be spent. It wouldn’t be difficult to find 15% waste in any government budget just for starters. The Pentagon budget is no exception.

Dying Malls Increasingly Rely On Taxpayer Handouts For Survival, at Another example of bureaucrats at all levels of government propping up failed business models at taxpayers expense. An economy is about profits and losses. Profits tell businesses that people in the market like what they produce. Losses tell businesses that people don’t like what they produce, so stop wasting scarce resources by continuing to do what you’re doing. Subsidizing unprofitable businesses makes us poorer overall.

Tesla’s Having The Worst Day Ever As GOP Tax Plan Calls For Axing Electric Car Subsidies, at Speaking of failed businesses being propped up by taxpayer dollars! I think Elon Musk is laundering taxpayer money through Tesla with the approval of government politicians and bureaucrats. Musk’s company is loosing money with the benefit of taxpayer subsidies. What will happen to his bottom line if these subsidies are done away with under the new GOP tax plan? Of will he be able to pay off enough politicians to keep his subsidy.

Compelled Speech, at Government licensing laws can be used to get you to comply with politically correct speech. If you don’t comply they will take away your license to work.

Concealed Carry On The March, Scott McPherson, at Excerpt from the article: “In 2016 Gallup found that the number of Americans supporting a handgun ban had dropped to just twenty-three percent – about one in five. Blacks, women, and Millennials are the fastest growing groups of new gun-owners, belying the stereotype that only old white males care about guns. A major cultural shift is taking place. More than ever, Americans are arming themselves against criminals and madmen in the modern era.”

Spain Order Jailing Of Catalan Leaders: ‘What Happens Next’ To Puigdemont?, at What happens when Catalan secession can’t be settled by legal or peaceful means?

“It’s Not Sustainable” – Sacramento Lashes Our At Calpers After Raising Pension Payments, at At some point economic reality will correct this problem. (California can’t secede. It needs the rest of the country to bail them out when economic reality hits.)

Forestry Regulations Ignite More California Wildfires, by Larry Bell, at The unintended consequences of misguided green policies adopted by the Federal government.

California’s Clean-Energy Future: A ‘Medieval Society’?, by Kerry Jackson, at Politicians make policies with no thought of their economic consequences. Government decrees can’t do away with economic laws. Economic laws always prevail.

Women Should Stop Insisting Men Are Bad Because Of Sexual Tension, by D.C. McAllister, at Excerpt from the article: “Like many women in the #MeToo campaign, I know sexual harassment. I know sexual assault. I know rape. Because of this, I’m not more prone to accept abusive behavior from men…… nor am I prone to conclude that all men are predators. I refuse to live in that kind of fear or to cast wide that net of blame. To do so only leads to dysfunction….. the common sense instruction I’ve received from wise women throughout my life have, instead, empowered me to navigate the waters of male sexuality with discernment and confidence.”

“I know when a man is violating me and when he is just hitting on me. I know when a man is desperately trying to get my attention just because he is attracted to me, and when he has crossed the line of harassment. I know when guys are expressing their pent-up aggression and male sexuality—as well as their competitive nature—as they interact with one another, and when men are in gang-like mode and threatening my well-being.”

“Other women need to learn the same…… They need to meet masculinity toe to toe and eye to eye, not try to dominate it or diminish it. They need to learn to tap into their own feminine powers, not to conquer a man, but to respect him. To do that, we need to respect each other. This involves trust.”

“The problems we are facing today have nothing to do with masculinity, and everything to do with a breakdown in social trust. Women live in fear of men, and men live in resentment of women. We aren’t dancing. We’re fighting. I hope we can learn to dance again—a powerful, breathtaking dance that makes us feel alive, complete, and fully human.”






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Must Reads For The Week 10/31/15

October 31, 2015

Cops Now Use Prepaid Card Readers To Rob Motorists Of Digital Funds On Roadside, at Another example of asset forfeiture. Government bureaucrats are always trying to find ways to get their greedy hands on our assets.

Judge Dismisses Charges For Man Who Shot Down Drone, by Ryan Cummings, at Where does someones right stop and the other persons right begin. Example: Your right to free speech stops at my ear.

Gett Is Going After Uber, at, Gett is a new ride sharing app that is trying to undercut Uber. If Gett gains traction, it will cut into the taxi cartel even further. Isn’t the free market great for the consumer?

Who’d A-Thunk It? Higher Minimum Wages Actually Affect A Companies Plans On Where To Expand, by Mark J. Perry, at carpediemblog. More unintended consequences. Why don’t individuals act to planners plans like the planners want them to? Subjective value in a world of scarcity is a bitch.

Throwing Many Billions Down A Dark Tunnel For Bullet Train, at Hard to believe that this project would end up costing more than the Government “experts” said it would.

Electric Car Sales Crash Once The Feds Are No Longer Helping, at Government subsidies (your tax dollars) lowered the price (but not the cost) of electric cars. Subsidized sales artificially boost demand. When these subsidies go away the true market demand for electric cars is revealed.

Irony Of The Day: EU Reports Greenhouse Gas Emissions Way Down In 2014 (Guess Why), by Doug Powers, at Because of an unusually warmer year less energy was used. Which means greenhouse emissions were down. So global warming lowered greenhouse gasses that cause global warming. I’m confused!

Ted Cruz Solid On Money, at All candidates should understanding what money is, its role in the economy, and what happens when the Fed electronically prints counterfeit money.

Williams College Students Revoke Invitation To Speaker Who Criticizes Feminism, at Wouldn’t want the students to hear an opposing view and let them to make up their own mind. They may not choose the politically correct view. Colleges don’t want a dialogue on issues, they want a monologue on issues.

House GOP Begins Impeachment Against IRS Chief, at Impeachment is the only constraint on unelected bureaucrats and judges when they act unlawfully. Unfortunately this is probably being done for political gain because it’s election season and everybody hates the IRS.

U.S Plans To Sell Down Strategic Oil Reserve To Raise Cash, at The Federal Government is always looking for more money to fund itself. Why don’t they sell some of the oil rich land they own?

Pew: Homicide Rates Cut In Half Over Last 20 Years (While Gun Ownership Soared), by Ryan McMaken, at With all the stories that are hyped by the media, you would think homicide rates are soaring.


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