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Must Reads For The Week 12/26/15

December 25, 2015

“This” Is Who We Are: Two Medal Of Honor Vets Passed Away This Month, at We are a nation of immigrants. These are great stories.

Hillary Admits There’s A Problem With Obamacare, at Hillary admits that there were incentives that discourage full-time employment. We all knew that before the thing was passed. Quoting a friend of mine, “one of us in this conversation is a real dumb ass!”

Kentucky Lowers The Minimum Wage, at Newly elected Governor Matt Bevin lowered the minimum wage of government workers and contractors. He said “Wage rates ideally would be setablished by the demands of the labor market instead of being set by the government,”. A lot of work went into getting Bevin elected. And as much as some on our side think politics isn’t the best use of our time, the fight for liberty must be fought on all fronts. Bevins election may not have happened if Ron Paul had not run for president.

Democrats And Totalitarianism, by Kevin D. Williamson, at Excerpt from the article: “Rolling Stone writer Jeff Goodell asked John Kerry whether Charles and David Koch, two libertarian political activists, should be considered – his remarkable words – “an enemy of the state.” He posed the same question about Exxon, and John Kerry, who could have been president of the US, said that he looked forward to the seizure of Exxon’s assets for the crime of “proselytizing” impermissibly about the question of global warming.” Make no mistake about the totalitarian tendencies of all politicians in general and establishment Democrats in particular. They don’t want any opposition to their plans. Anyone from the private sector who gets in their way will have to deal with the full weight of government force and media propaganda. If you don’t believe me read this, Senator: Use RICO Laws To Prosecute Global Warming Skeptics, at

Federal Court Says Government Can’t Censor Trademarks, Could Save Redskins, at This will probably be pushed all the way to the Supreme Court, and then all bets are off.

Oberlin College Students: Cafeteria Food Is Racist, at The students are saying the food is racially inauthentic, and therefore a form of micro-aggression. These pusillanimous students have never experienced real micro-aggression like I did from my mom when I wouldn’t eat my dinner. Why do we allow such foolishness to be taken seriously?

Germans Scramble To Buy Amid Nationwide Spike In Migrant-Driven Crime, at No comment necessary.

Minneapolis – American ISIS Terrorist Who Sought To Shoot Down Planes, Worked At Airport, at This guy worked at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport as a baggage handler, a company that de-iced planes, and a company that handled jet fuel. And the TSA is worried about passengers?

Which Is Better The Mafia Or The Government, at “What would you rather have organized crime or unorganized crime?”